DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

My "text presentation," eying candy, dancing, and a shower raid...

I finished up my presentation, and ran through it a couple of times, timing myself.  The first time it took 25 minutes.  The second time it took 16.  16 is about right.

I caught the bus to class.

We spent the first third of the class talking about the two location-based articles to have been read for today's class.  I didn't read them for two reasons: 1) They are both articles that I read last year in this same professor's class, and 2) I didn't have to blog about the articles this week, since I was a presenter.

Chris presented during the second third of the class.  We took a break, and then I presented. 

I thought it went well, and we had pretty good discussion about my three discussion questions.

Robert was at my house when I got out of class, and we went to eat at Clark Dining Hall, where the eye candy was ubiquitous.

Dancing was okay tonight.  We learned a new dance, which wasn't easy.  It's called Swamp Thing.

At home, I raided Robert's shower. Things that make you go, "Hmmmm!"

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