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Crabtree Panera's with Joe, ENG 525 readings, COM598M Text Presentation, NCSU Usability testing...

I met Joe-Joe @ Panera's at Crabtree, where we haven't ever met. That place is huge.

I'd brought my ENG 525 (Variety in Language) to read, but didn't do too well reading it there.

After a couple of hours, I left to go home to focus better on my reading. Tedious reading.

I started on my COM598M (Mobile Technologies & Social Practices) class presentation that I have to give next Wednesday.

Text Presentations: Twice Per Semester, 30% (15% each)

Each class, two students will be responsible for presenting a text and leading class discussion on the text assigned for that day. Much like the blog posts, you should summarize the text, addressing the following questions:
  • What are the main ideas and concepts of the text?
  • How does this text connect with other readings in the course, class discussions, as well as with relevant outside materials?
  • To what extent does this text allow me to understand mobile technologies in general and its relationship to cultural/social issues? How does it apply to my own experience?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this text?
Also, you should:
  • Bring any type of materials (newspaper clips, web pages, online works, video clips, etc) that help to understand and contextualize the topic.
  • Address research questions.
  • Bring questions to lead class discussion.
  • Take about 15-20 minutes to present the text.
  • Lead class discussion for 20-30 minutes.
  • Turn in an outline of your presentation (it can be in the form of slides, written text, bullets, but it should contain the main points you addressed, the author's main ideas, your research questions, your discussion questions, and the sources you consulted for the presentation).
  • Sources should be cited according to the APA style guide.
You’ll be evaluated based on:
  • How you describe the main concepts in the text in adequate detail.
  • How you connect the text with other readings in the course and class discussions.
  • How you conceptualize the topic in a broader context.
  • The quality of your research questions.
  • How you conclude/expand the topic beyond the author’s ideas.
  • The quality of the research materials you bring.
  • The quality of your discussion questions.
  • How clearly the text is presented to the class.
  • How you lead lead the class discussion.
  • The correct timing of the presentation.
  • How you connect your presentation to the other texts being discussed on the same day.
Download text presentation grading rubric model

I spent a couple of hours transcribing the recordings of the tasks done by Participant #1 in the NCSU Usability Testing Phase II that I started on Friday.

I also updated the testing materials for use with Participants 2, 3, and 4 tomorrow.

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