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Profile proffers, textbooks, and Writing2Publish...

I read someone's online profile today, which started with their physical description, and then contained, among other things, one of those lists where you say what you like and dislike, or what you've done or haven't done.

In the physical description part, they said for weight: Between 375 and 425 pounds.

In the like/dislike section, one item was something like "McDonald's or Burger King," to which they'd replied: Neither, I'm a vegetarian.

My initial reaction was, "Whew. That's a lot of vegetables."

Another eyebrow raiser from the prolific profile proffers: "I don't do drugs and I don't do body excrement. I'm really better at 'long term friends with benefits' than I am with LTRs. Not really into a gay scene so to speak. Sex is a sport-like artistic activity to me..."

This one is rich. I particularly wonder how someone who loves to have sex with men is not into the "gay scene." Seems to me, you can't get any gayer than that.

During lunch, I stopped by the NCSU book store to buy my four books for this semester. I was able to get used versions of three of them.

I leafed through the used copies of each to find previous owners who were "underliners" instead of "highlighters," so I can highlight without confusing my markings with theirs.

My book total was $119.25.

Tonight, I attended my first meeting of Writing2Publish, a free offering held at the Cameron Village Library. On meetup.com the group is described as:

We are a group of writers focused on getting published. Each month we invite a guest speaker to share his or her expertise with us. All writers — and should-be writers — are welcome!

We are a group of writers focused on getting published. Each month we invite a guest speaker to share his or her expertise with us. Speakers include: editors, published authors, agents, publishers, attorneys, artists, book store buyers, etc. Dust off that book that's sitting in your closet, and join us to learn how to get it published. All genres welcomed. As our members get published, it is my hope we will have a lifelong support group to help each other grow and prosper as writers.

After the first meeting, I'm ambivalent about returning/continuing with the group.

  1. The speaker was informative, if not "warm."
  2. It's was a good reality check in terms of how many people are trying to publish, and how everyone thinks their own stuff might be "the one." (And, yes, I recognize myself in that group.)
  3. It's free.
  4. The venue and parking situation is good.
  5. It's a potential place to keep abreast of writing workshops and literary events going on in the area. (Of course, so is the Independent.)
  1. The leader is a little too "perky" for my taste — at first glance, anyway.
  2. I didn't really feel "connected" to/with anyone there.
  3. I'd like to take notes there on my laptop, but when I started to this time, the person turned around and "looked at me" when he heard my keystrokes.
  4. I think the group is just a little too large for my taste.
I'll probably give it one more chance, since it's only once a month, and then perhaps, just go whenever the speaker sounds like s/he might be interesting or her/his topic pertinent to where I am in my writing.

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