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Finished Geisha, a haircut, MSBC night "out," and dancing...

I finished Memoirs of a Geisha at 1:30. If you haven't read this book because you think it's "not your kind of book," you should rethink that. It is such a "tight" story — well-written and compelling. Great re-read for me.

These things, to me, are what contribute to the greatness of this book:
  • Conflict is what makes good drama and fiction — and this book is full of it — between the geishas; between the okiyas; between the geishas and the clientèle in terms of class; and between the clientèle in terms of competition for the geishas — to name a few.
  • The writing is rich, rich, rich in metaphor and simile. In addition to simple, sentence metaphor, sometimes one will go on for a page or two.
  • The brilliant introduction sets up this book of fiction as believable nonfiction.
  • The details of the life of a geisha were obviously seriously researched and intricately woven into the story.
  • The voice of the male author is completely convincing as a female narrator.
E-Ching, if you're reading, I have loaned the book to Robert now. I assume you're not in a hurry to have it back. Thanks!

I got a hair cut — actually got 'em all cut. Ba-dump bump. We're here all week folks.

When I walked into CostCutters, there were three stylists sitting down in the waiting area chairs, and one behind the counter, which is the one who cut my hair.

I made the H&D Onion & Pepper Relish & Cream Cheese Dip to take to our MSBC meeting tonight, and then did the USA Today Online Crossword Puzzle.

I arrived ten minutes early to Suzanne's and called from the driveway: "Hi, I'm ten minutes early. Would you like me to drive around the block for ten minutes, or are you ready to receive guests?" She permitted my entrance.

Janet arrived next with Emma, her dog, which didn't work out so well. So not well, in fact, that she ended up running her back home.

Mary and Sharon arrived at the same time.

We had festive appetizers of my chips and dip, and Sharon's veggies (carrots, zucchinis squash, and yellow squash) and dip. Oh yeah, green grapes were available, too.

We actually discussed Memoirs of a Geisha, but perhaps what's probably most amazing, was that we had all actually read the book. We are the mostly social book club, after all.

Suzanne outdid herself with dinner. We had Lemon-Rosemary-Garlic Chicken — a recipe, which was out of this world, from her Southern Living cookbook. We had a salad and some couscous along with it.

We had a choice of two desserts — Janet brought a yellow cake with chocolate icing, and Mary brought a red velvet cake. I believe everyone had one slice of each. Small slices. That's our story and it's sticking to us.

Joe had called during dinner, and I returned his call on my way to Flex — a benign update.

I got to Flex at just after 9:00, and Robert arrived shortly thereafter.

It was a short, but good night of dancing. We had a fair number of dancers, and I had a wonderful waltz with Robert. I also had a nice two-step with Carl.

At one point, a guy sitting near the speaker said to me, "You dance pretty good."

Instead of responding, "Well. It's dance 'well,'" I just said, "Thank you. I appreciate that."

Fortunately for him, I didn't have on my work uniform:

Robert and I bee-lined it out of there as soon as the dancing stopped at 10:30. My stomach was upset, and he was starving. Carl and Bill were just ahead of us, high-tailing it as well.

At home, we did a puzzle out of a New York Times Book of Crossword Puzzles that I have.

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