DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Some tough luck, some postponements, good Geisha progress, and some trash (trailer park style)...

Bad luck comes in threes... or is it fours or fives... or is that bad news that comes in threes?


When I got to my office today, my voice mail light was on. I put in my access code, and while doing so, thought, "Oh boy. I changed the password a week or so ago. Now what was it?"

I prayed (not literally) that you got more than three tries to get it right. You did. That was the good news. The bad news was that you don't get more than eight. The drama ensued of trying to use the various "help" systems available to have it reset.

Finally getting a "ticket number" for my "open problem" (with the promise of a reset password arriving via e-mail within two hours), I grabbed my laptop for my 1:00 meeting not noting the conference room number, as I was on my way to the printer room, where I had printed the calendar entry with that info on it, and the call-in information as well.


After the door closed, I thought, "I'd better grab a connection cord for my laptop in case there's not one in the conference room. I reached for my keys in my pocket. The good news was that my keys were there. [Hover over image for an aside — or would that be an "above" — But I digress...]

The bad news was that I had grabbed the half of my keys that doesn't have my office key on it.


I got down to the printer, and the good news was that the printer to which I sent my jobs to was in the room. The bad news was that there was a big yellow sign on it that said, "SERVICE HAS BEEN CALLED."

Okay, now I have no idea what conference room I'm in and won't have a spare cord if I need one once I get there.

I went back to my unaccessible office, and stopped next door to ask Rhonda or Qiani to view my meeting notice to give me the room number.


When I finally got to the room, the good news was that there was a connector cord for me there. The bad news was, once I hooked it up to my laptop, it wouldn't connect me to the Intranet, which I needed to show the slides the person in Toronto presenting was displaying via an e-meeting.

Brendan, a colleague, came to the rescue and connected me directly, bypassing the router in the room.


Next, Sametime (the tool used to run the e-meeting) wouldn't connect through my Firefox browser. Grrrrr!

Brendan hooked up the projector to his laptop, which he'd already connected on, while I connected through I.E. Not a good technology day for me.


I sure hope I can get home today without getting hit by a damn bus.

Two afternoon meetings were postponed today.

Henry's (a work meeting) got moved to Monday afternoon. This is the third reschedule of this meeting, and it has now landed during a time I'll be in class, so I get to miss it. Awww. Monday is one of my days off, anyway.

I sent an e-mail to Henry with my thoughts about the meeting.

The other postponed meeting was with Dr. Swarts to get started on my participation in his usability test. We rescheduled for 11:00AM tomorrow.

I read a good chunk of Memoirs of a Geisha tonight, ending up in the middle of chapter twenty on page 238 — exactly 238/428ths, or 55.607476355%, done. Who's counting?

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night, as I'd been in the house all day, and had to get out.

Steven was there, staffing a Delta Lambda Phi membership drive table.

I spoke briefly with this guy who had taken the train here from High Point, just to see "the show."

"Is it good?" he asked.

"Well, it's not all that," I said, "but at least Mark K. Mart is hosting. It's usually at its best when she's hosting."

I said, "There's not a train back tonight is there?"

"No," he replied, "It's at 7:05, so I'll just go to the bookstore after the show, until it's time to leave."

Classy with a K. Surely, a $10 entrance fee to the 'bookstore' is cheaper than a night's stay at The Clarion." Don't call me Shirley. Just call me Klassy.

I waited until Brandon performed (to My Humps) before leaving. He'd told me he was the third performer, but ended up being the second. Yay!

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