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Usability test reporting and a festive night of boots and boxers...

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Most of my day was spent writing up the results of the usability tests I did yesterday. I tabulated the results of the background questionnaire, the pre-web site questionnaire, and the label questionnaire, and then created the formatting for the task details section.

It's not looking promising that I'll be able to do the kind of report I want to do with the remainder of the 20 hours planned for this phase of the project. I've already used 17.5 hours, and I have a lot more than 2.5 hours of work yet to do.

We had a real festive night of dancing, and drank way too much.

It was "Underwear Night" at Flex sponsored by The Kodiaks Rugby Team, and we started the night off early with a few of us dancing in "boots and boxers."

After dancing, Michael went on a binge of Jello shots. Normally, they sell Jello shots for two bucks a piece, or three for five dollars. Well, Michael asked for a volume discount and got fourteen for $20.00.

And though I didn't witness it, I heard that [s]he later bought ten more. Bless her Jello-shooting mess.

Later in the evening, we staggered over to CCs, where we spent a little time in the Piano Lounge, and resisted saying to Greg, who was the singer in the lounge tonight, "Uhm, about that recommendation, Helen."

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