DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Usability testing, a BBQ plate, and Honky Tonk Angels @ RLT...

I worked at my "second job" today, conducting four usability tests, one at 9AM, one at 11AM, one at 1PM, and the last at 3PM. All four people were a pleasure to work with, and pretty much it went off without a hitch. Now to summarize the results in a report.

Robert and I drove to MCC to their BBQ Plate Fundraiser, and each got a plate for our dinner. It was pretty good.

We went to see Honky Tonk Angels at the Raleigh Little Theater, where, at ages 48 and 53, we were by far "the younger crowd." The average age of the audience had to be 65 or 70. Blue hairs.

I bought tickets to this play, because a couple of weeks ago Greg, of CC Piano Lounge fame, came into Flex on a Friday night handing out postcards advertising it, saying, "I don't ever do this, but this show was so good that I feel compelled to tell people about it. If you like country music, you will love this show."

Well, it was not all that. I mean it was okay, but not great.

I've been to the RLT a few times in the past, and stopped going for the same reason that last night confirmed. It just seems to be a notch below the other theater that goes on in this area. I suppose it's because they tend to pretty much use local actors, where the others tend to use, or bring in, professionals.

We worked on this week's Indy crossword puzzle when we got home.

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