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Breakfast @ Panera's, a newsletter fix, completed usability test materials, and dancing...

I met Joe at Panera Breads and, once again, on E. Durham St. passed the little shopping area with businesses that are not visible to the road, where there's a sign, which I love, that says:

Kiss the Queen
(Plus Sizes)

I just can't help but visualize hefty gay men in there looking for something fabulous.

At Panera's, we had a bagel and coffee, and hung out using their free wireless for a couple of hours.

Toward the end of the time, this blond woman sat in the corner with her computer and talked just incredibly loud on a cell phone, but not one that she held in any way — so that it looked like she was just talking to herself. And she made call after call, just yammering.

I always want to shake these people and yell at them, "Do you really have no idea how fucking loud you are, or are you just so damn self-absorbed and self-centered that you don't give a shit that you're encroaching on everyone else's peace?"

I worked with Myra for about an hour on solving our "two-extra pages newsletter problem," and after trying to figure out how to get two pages to print in the two blank (of four) spots — one on each side of a duplexed 11x17 sheet — with something already in the other two spots, I said, "Let's just take this to Kinko's and let them figure it out."

I did that, and $4.80 later, we had new cover sheets, and I spent about 40 minutes folding the new sheets, inserting the other three sheets, and using a "long arm" stapler to staple them.

Once home, I completed my materials for the Usability Test on Friday, and forwarded them to the project team for feedback tomorrow on them.

I gave them a 3:00PM deadline, so I'll have time to incorporate any changes before my first test on Friday morning, which is at 9AM.

Dancing was pretty fun tonight with Carl, Bill, Michael, Geromy, Steven, Rick, and later in the evening, Rob and Anthony (now from Charlotte, and who, interestingly enough, came with Rob).

There wasn't much of a crowd, and none of the people who were there looked like they were interested in taking a lesson. I guess that's why Carl didn't give one.

On his way out, Anthony mentioned that he might be moving back to Raleigh.

Don't worry if this appears as a non sequitur to you.


Thanks to VMSchlecht  for submitting the information below

Excerpt from "Reflections on a Teapot: The Personal History of Time" By Ronald Sanders
(New York: Harper & Row: 1972), pp 1-5, 29-34.

I'm a little teapot, short and stout,
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up, then I shout:
"Just tip me over, pour me out!"

Let me inform you of the true origins of this song. Among those of you who happen to be acquainted with it, there apparently are many who have thought it to be an anonymous nursery rhyme, composed at some obscure moment in England's Victorian past, perhaps alongside the hearth of a forgotten kitchen; but this isn't so. The truth of the matter is it was written one day in the spring of 1939 by my father, George Harry Sanders, with the help of his partner, Clarence Kelley, in the office of a modest music publishing enterprise of theirs located at the corner of Broadway and Fifty-second Street in New York. This was the heart of New York's popular-music publishing district, then still known as "Tin Pan Alley."

More information about this song can be found at:  http://www.teaspirit.com/teasip/teapotsong.html

Aside: I wonder if they were "partner partners" as well as "music business partners."

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