DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Margaret Cho, a work pit stop, trailer park trash, conflama at CCs, and the IHOP...

Tonight we saw Margaret Cho in person at the Carolina Theater as part of the 11th Annual NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

OMFG. That's all I can say. OMFG. She was so hysterical. I love her.

And we had the best seats. Second row. Center. Thanks, Robert, for getting those!

I was a little leery about the opening act, but turned out really enjoying them, too. They were billed as LISP – The World's Greatest Gay Rapper.

I had planned to stop by work on the way back from the show, at around 9PM, but forgot my freaking badge. I drove all the way back to Raleigh, grabbed my badge, and returned back to RTP.

After three (annoying) tries to scan a 40-page book and failing to do so without a paper jam, I broke the book up into 7 parts, and finally completed the task.

I spent too much time trying to install a stupid, Microfuckingsoft Security patch, that I don't think even affects my two machines. From what I can tell of the patch, it's addressing a security issue in Windows XP server code, which I don't use — at least to my knowledge. Grrrrrrr!

I got to Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night, where I found Kevin (av8rdude) and Glenn already there, and where Joe arrived shortly afterwards.

Blake was there, who hasn't been in a long time, and he was pretty f----- up. More f----- up than two beers could possibly have done.

Joe wasn't into it tonight, and left before the show was over.

After the show, Kevin, me, and Anthony walked over to CCs to check out "Hip Hop" night, which turned out to be a big no ma'am ticket.

When we got there, there was a line to get in the door — not because the place was full, but because a cop was there breaking up some drama between a white guy and a black guy outside, in front of the club.

We waited about five minutes in line, and Anthony was getting a little loud and belligerent, and I whispered to Kevin, "Let's head back to Flex, send him in, and then get in my car and leave."

We did just that, and Kevin and I were headed to Shanghai Express, when we saw flashing blue lights ahead on Hillsborough St. Not wanting to take a chance that it was a road block, I turned into the IHOP.

Our waiter was strange, but efficient enough, and we were in and out of there in a half hour or so — and I left with three-quarters of my omelet in a to-go box. Yay!

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