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A job you like, a training ride, and the Collevecchio's 50th...

Joe and I rode the 22.5 Modified Modified Lake Jordan route today.

This ride for me, though way longer, was much easier than that ride we did last weekend. Joe had a much rougher time, as he had to use his mountain bike instead of his road bike.

I commented on how not knowing anything about bikes, someone might look at both kinds, and think, "What's the big deal? There's not that much difference in them!"

One of the things that made it so difficult for Joe was that he was virtually unable to "coast" — the entire time. Now that sucks. Trust me!

We ended up not "rewarding" ourselves by eating after this training.

I wanted to get a nap in before attending my ex-wife's parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration at 6:00 at Maggiano's at South Point.

I was the second "party" to arrive. I like thinking of myself as a party.

Steven and Suzanne (Donna's cousin and his wife) were the first.

I got a bourbon and ginger (a mistake, so free), and a bourbon and Diet Coke at the public bar, as the private "in-room" bar was serving only wine. In hindsight, I'm not so sure the bar tender didn't make that mistake on purpose to give me a free drink — he seemed a little "flirty" with me.

I got to see "Uncle Nick and Aunt Micky," who I haven't seen in probably 13 years, and that was great. It was also nice seeing a lot of the extended family — Collevecchios and Chabons. And, of course, it was nice to see my ex-nephews, Brian and Nick, at whose table I sat along with Donna, her new boyfriend, Donna's sister Ann, and Nick's girlfriend and her child — had a "Ritalin moment" for about 30 minutes before conking out.

There was a choice of three or four appetizers, all family style, and my favorite was the Mushroom Ravioli al Forno — out of this world.

Everything was delicious, with main course choices (all family style, so not an either/or) of:
  • Linguine, Chicken, Pesto Pine Nuts
  • Salmon, Lemon & Herbs
  • Pork Medallions, Portabella Mushrooms, Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Angel Hair, Marinara
The pork medallions were my favorite.

The dessert selections consisted of N.Y. Style Cheesecake, with strawberries; Apple Crostada with caramel sauce; and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (suggested for the children).

After dinner, and a nice toast given by Donna's brother Vince, various family members took turns saying wonderful things about the Collevecchios (and all true!) — including how loving and accepting they are as people.

I did not stand to speak, but if I had, I would have said: "The fact that I am here is a testament to how loving and accepting this couple is."

A slide show concluded the "formal" part of the celebration, and I smiled when a few pictures of Donna and me came up, and my heart was warmed by one picture that included my parents as well.

Donna and I kept the fact that today would have been our 27th wedding anniversary between ourselves.

I got to Flex for dancing at about 10:00, where Geromy, Steven, and Chris (zinnian) were the only dancers present. I danced from 10:00 until they stopped the dancing at about 10:40.

I stayed at Flex for Beareoke for just a little while, and then met Joe over at CCs. We spent most of the night being hounded by Michael and Patrick. :-)

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