DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

"Training," a lunch salad bar, and book work...

Joe and I went on an hour-and-a-half bike ride today that just kicked my ass.

We rode from my house, up Kent, to Method, right on Blue Ridge, by the fair grounds, and to the N.C. Museum of Art, where we turned left and headed down a "road closed" toward Umstead Park on the Reedy Creek Greenway.

We rode probably three miles out that way, and then returned, crossing over to the art museum grounds, and continuing the greenway over to Meredith College.

From that end of the trail, we rode Gorman Street to Kaplan back to my house.

We couldn't measure the total distance, as a large portion of the roads we rode on in the Umstead Park area were closed to cars, but I know it was less than what we've ridden in past weeks out at Jordan Lake.

This route was much, much hillier, though, and I guess that with this 90-degree heat, and my nose continuously running from this lingering cold, did not help my stamina today at all.

After the ride, we rewarded ourselves with a salad bar from Ruby Tuesday at Crossroads Plaza.

They had pumpernickel croutons on their salad bar, which I got excited about. However, they were soggy, and had some flavor other than pumpernickel. I pushed each one of them to the side.

I spent an hour or so at Helios going through a couple more months worth of 2004 blog entries.

I spent an hour at Flex, from about 6:30 - 7:30, where I played a game of pool by myself, and said hellos to Robert F., Jeff & Jerry, Joe & Phil, Ross, and Rodney.

I went back to Helios, where I stayed until they closed at 10, getting through June 15, 2004.

At home, I did the Saturday N&O crossword puzzle salvaged from a table at Helios.

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