DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Target, CiCi's, An Inconvenient Truth, a nap, a booze restock, and a single iced caramella...

Robert came over at about noon, and we headed to the Target at Crossroads where I looked at the frames, once again looking for a tri-fold set of frames to no avail. I ended up buying a little plastic photo album that's perfect.

I also bought a "hollywood" light bulb for one of the four in my bathroom that's gone out.

I also got one of those "new" Crest "automatic" tooth brushes, since my Sonicare has stopped working after less than a year. I'm not bitter.

From there, we had lunch at CiCi's pizza, after which we attended the 3:00 showing of An Inconvenient Truth.

Back home we did three N&O crossword puzzles like that (finger snap).

We napped for two hours, and then MMMMMMMMMMMMMed.

At 8:15 we headed to the ABC store, not to learn the alphabet, but to restock my supplies of:

We dropped by Helios where I finished yesterday's blog entry, and did this one.

Two guys were playing acoustical guitars as entertainment tonight. All of their songs were by bands/groups I never listened to, and would never buy anything from: Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, The Grateful Dead, and even a Beatles song.

Even though I do like a few Beatles songs, I never bought any of their music. The one Beatles song they did however, I do like, which was Norwegian Wood. I didn't know that was a Beatles song.

Back home, we did the Indy crossword puzzle, which was quite the challenge. Robert was persistent to the bitter end, finally finding, deep in the bowels of the

the answer to 74 Across: Cathartic plantjalap.

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