DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Book progress, new memories, and Brandon does drag...

I spent the evening at Helios completing the scouring of the remaining 2003 entries of my blog for "material" as they say in the biz. In 2003, I have no blog entries for 54 of 365 days. The glass half full side of that is that I blogged 85.2% of the year. Who's counting?

One of the things that has been good about going over the old entries is that I have marked some "memories," which is something I wasn't doing back then.

For instance, one of my memories categories is "movies," and I was able to mark several movies I saw in 2003 that weren't previously marked. I will continue to do this as I move through 2004, 2005, and 2006 to make sure I haven't missed any.

My Movie Memories

I also created a new memories category called, "AIDS Ride 2003 - Tour de Friends," with which I marked all of the entries between the time I decided to do the ride in March until the ride mid-June.

I left Helios at 11:00 and went to Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night. There were an incredible number of people there for 11:00.

Turns out there's a Gay & Lesbian Tennis Tournament in town, might be in conjunction with Crape Myrtle, but I'm not sure.

In spite of the crowd, I didn't spend any time with anyone, and other than saying hello to Randy (Mary K. Mart), Javier, Ross and Kurt (from Costello's), and Rodney saying something to me almost every time he walked by me, I didn't speak with anyone else.

This one guy named Eric, a friend of Kevin (av8rdude) and Eric (innoman), did drag. OMG. She was so masculine looking, her eyebrows alone are as thick as three women's together, and, bless her heart, she does not know how to walk like a woman. I couldn't help laughing whenever she walked by.

I wanted to stay only long enough to watch Brandon perform his drag number — his first appearance in the Trailer Park.  As it turned out, he was the last performer, but he was very entertaining, the crowd went wild, and I was glad I stayed.

I bee-lined out of there as soon as he finished as they started the "grand prize" drawings.

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