DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Book work, a library stop, fresh market place, dinner, puzzles, and dancing...

I continued work on my book. That sounds nice.

I got through April, May, June, and July of 2003. Picked a few cherries.

I stopped by the Cameron Village Library to pick up a GRE study guide I'd been in the queue for and was now available.

While there, I stopped next door at the Fresh Market, and bought just a few over-priced items: a 6"x3" loaf of jalapeño corn bread, a half-pound of spinach and artichoke dip, a pound of "baked potato potato salad," and some pita bread. The pita bread, in my opinion, was the only reasonably priced item.

Robert came over and we mixed and matched the above items with some boiled chicken breasts to make appetizers and dinner.

We did three Word Jumbles, and almost finished an Indy crossword puzzle, then rewarded ourselves with an hour nap before dancing.

We had a decent number of dancers, including one lesbian.

Carl taught a new dance, whose name isn't coming to me right now, and probably won't. I'll have to pay better attention to it next week.

I had Carl remind me of the final 8 steps to Booty Call, so I could respond to a woman who emailed me about it after coming across it on my home page in a google search.

Seems she wants to do it at her daughter's wedding in September, and can't find the steps anywhere on the web.

At home, we did the end of that crossword puzzle, which was a bitch. We got down to four adjacent squares that we couldn't fill, refusing to believe one answer was, "TAKETHELONGINTERVIEW" for the clue, "Agree to appear on the Larry King Show." Lame.

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