DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A short, but significant blog entry...

I began working on my book today.

In my "vision session" with Art Fettig, my book had 10 chapters, or topics, and 200 pages.

So far, I have 13 topics, consisting of 77 pages total, with a large variation in the number of pages in each chapter.  But I've just begun, and I have miles to go.

Today, I just picked out the things I remember, or know, that I want included.  Toward the end, I started with January of 2003 of my blog and read each day's entry, looking for any tidbits that might be "worthy." I got through January, February, and March before stopping.

That random picking, and the three months of orderly choosing took place over seven hours, which flew by.

While tedious to go day by day, I am making myself laugh and smile a lot reading about the things I did, the ways in which I did them, the people with whom I did them, and they way in which I chose to write about them. That's good.

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