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Amy Hird visit, STC@NCSU newsletter work, a dive bomber, cheap drinks, and some billiards...

I had a doctor's appointment at 8:15 this morning, the goal of which was to renew my blood pressure prescription.

I was supposed to have fasted last night, starting at 8:00, which I remembered at 8:20, when I was eating my dinner consisting of a Lean Cuisine Teriyaki Chicken "Bowl." (Which was quite yummy, by the way.)

I thought, "Okay, no big deal. My appointment is at 8:15, by the time they get me back there, and start the labs, it will be about 8:45."

Later, while devising my blog entries, I went to the bathroom, and grabbed three Bit-O-Honeys as I passed by the bowl of them on my coffee table, thinking nothing of it, until about 20 minutes after they were gone. Crap!

After an exam, she renewed my prescription, and we decided to do the labs when I come back in three months to renew my Nexium prescription and have my physical. When I can fast properly, and we can get several things done at once.

I absolutely love my doctor, who is actually a PA.

Once home, I mailed my Lisinopril prescription refill to MerckMedco.

My exterminator was scheduled to come between noon and 2:00 today, and I was hoping it would be closer to noon than two, but it wasn't to be.

In fact, at 1:50, the company called me "just to confirm your appointment. We'll see you between noon and two tomorrow."

Grrrrrrrr! Don't know how that mix-up occurred, but we rescheduled for Friday.

I spent 2.5 hours in Myra's office today, working on the newsletter. It's shaping up.

Sure is a shame that only about 3 people will probably read it. Oh well, it's good experience for me, and we'll be able to enter it into the STC competition.

I got to Helios at 5:30, to meet Joe, and as soon as I walked in, I thought, "No they haven't gotten a parakeet in here." I was still in the entrance area in the back of the place, and I could hear this loud, constant chirping.

Once in the main area, I looked around for a bird cage, only to find none, and then up, to find a bird, up in the rafters, that had evidently made its way in through the open front door.

People were pretty much ignoring it at this point — I suppose those who had been there a while now had gotten used to it.

Okay, see this picture? This is the front of Helios. The three glass pane panels on the left are not doors. They look like the door, which is is fourth from the left, or dead center. The two glass panes to the right, are also doors, but seldom used, and rarely propped open.

Today, the middle door was propped open, and I suppose, the one through which this poor trapped, evidently stressed bird, had gotten itself into the fix it was in.

Joe arrived, and shortly after that one of the folks from behind the counter came toward the bird, and quietly tried to encourage it (yes, the bird) to leave voluntarily — with some English words to it.

Finding that unsuccessful, he got a section of a newspaper, which was folded, and walked towards the bird, gently waving it back and forth under it. It hopped over to another rafter.

I said to Joe, "As if, even if he encourages the bird to fly, it's going to head right for the front door and exit there, with all that other glass around it."

I said this as we walked outside, because we were going just up the block to have dinner at the Armadillo Grill, and then coming back for coffee afterwards.

We had a satisfactory dinner, and got caught up on our week-long absence, during which he was in Pennsylvania dealing with aging parent problems. I have several friends dealing with this issue now. I guess that's what happens when you get to be our age.

We got back to Helios, and in line for a cup of coffee behind this girl that was taking forever to order, and while waiting I said to the guy who we'd last seen with the shooing newspaper, "So, did you get that bird out of here?"

He tilted his head a little as if he hadn't noticed that the chirping had stopped, and after a second or two said smiling, "Yeah. I guess we did."

Well, this young lady sitting at a table within earshot says, "Actually, you didn't. It flew right into that large window right there and killed itself." I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it to sound as if it committed suicide.

The guy behind the counter's mouth dropped open. "Really? Is it still over there?" he asked seeming both sad and embarrassed as several people now turned to look in the direction of the large glass windows.

"No," she said. "I picked it up and put it outside behind the bushes."

"You put it outside?" he said it like he was making sure he heard her right, not that he doubted what she was saying.

"Yes, out there, behind the bushes," she indicated with her hand.

We hung out at Helios until about 9:30, and then went over to Flex, for $1.25 well drinks, and to play a few games of pool.

We played three: Joe won the first game, I won the second one, and I won the championship game with Joe not sinking one of his "low" balls. We laughed about that.

The place was pretty much dead, which was no surprise to us. That would be why the mixed drinks are $1.25 there on Monday nights.

We left at about 11:00.
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