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Prescript refill woes again, a fruitless frame hunt, under the weather, DJing...

I took deep breaths and called my doctor's office about my lisinopril prescription refill, or I should say my lack of refill. Two things:
  • Evidently, it's not enough that MerckMedco notifies them that I want a refill for them to send the refill to my house -- as discussed in my recent visit to specifically understand the "new process." I have to call myself.

  • They won't fill my prescription without some lab work being done. I have an appointment for Monday. What a racket.

At 1:00, my car started with no sign of trouble. Grrrrr!

I went to the card shop to look for some frames for three of my pictures for my aunt and uncle. I want one of those tri-fold frames. No luck.

I stopped by Target to check there; again, no luck. While there, I bought some Honey Nut Cheerios and antiperspirant, and a car mat that, after getting home, have decided to return.

I stopped by K-Mart to pick up my lisinopril prescription, and checked for frames there. Again, no luck. Grrr!

I wrote and mailed a card to my friend Courtney in Maryland. While googling her in an attempt to see if she changed her last name after being married, I found this article about her, and her now husband, under the heading Edible Chesapeake.

My throat, or sinuses, are having issues today. I hope it's not strep.

To that end, I canceled a dinner engagement with an IBMer who is in town on business. For the same reason, I passed on dancing tonight.

I went to Helios at about 9:30. Notes:
  • There was a guy with what I thought was a keyboard set up in the corner, to the right of the cash register. I thought, "Great, live music tonight." Read that "great" as sarcastic.

  • After about 20 minutes of seeing the guy behind the "keyboard" with headphones on, thinking he was "tuning up" or something (not that you tune a keyboard), it occurred to me that he was DJing. I've never seen this before at Helios.

  • I put in my iPod earbuds, and tried to listen to a couple of podcasts, but the DJed music was causing "reverse ear spray," and I couldn't concentrate on the broadcasts.

  • I put on the soundtrack to Rent and set the volume higher than usual, which successfully competed with the DJ's Choice music.

  • Earlier this evening, Robert was looking at the Helios website, specifically at the Photo Gallery section, and made the comment that, for as much as I'm there, he's surprised that I'm not in any pictures. I said, "I've never seen them take pictures there. They must just do it at their events, none of which I ever attend."

  • Tonight, there was a guy there snapping pictures right and left. To my knowledge, none were of me. I wondered if this was a case of not seeing something until you're specifically made conscious of it, or if it really was the first time they've taken pictures when I was there.
I have a short story percolating in my mind. Its title is going to be something to the effect of, or perhaps exactly, "Corporate Memories: Who Owns Them?"

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