DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A sluggish start, working in the office, an annoying commercial, and "leftovers"...

My car, once again, struggled to start today. Must take it in soon.

I went into the office today, and it was a good day. Traffic was heavy, but moving.

For MSBC lunch today, I met Janet at B002, and we joined Sharon in the cafeteria. Suzanne is in Alaska this week, and Mary is "at home."

One copy of Geisha was present — Sharon's, and she's made progress on it.

And, oh yeah, after a few minutes of discussing how the movie varied a little bit from the book, and how one thing that's good about the movie is that you get to see how to pronounce the names of several of the characters, Sharon suddenly exclaimed, "Oh my God; we're talking about a book."

On the way to lunch, on my car radio, I once again heard that commercial that makes me want to reach into my radio and strangle somebody.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is advertising their digital phone service, and talking about how they've succeeded in taking away over a million customers from the phone company, and how the phone company doesn't like the fact that they finally have some competition. In other words, intimating that the phone company is a monopoly.


You're black!

Or with a mathematical analogy...

I have analogies on my mind, because I have begun to study for the GRE, which I'm taking in late October.

I forgot to capture a couple of things from the last few days.

From Monday

So, I'm walking to our set of mailboxes for my townhouses, which are up to my right, when suddenly off to my immediate left, I hear this loud screeching. A cat fight. Between cats.

It's loud enough that I don't want to be close to it, but more startling is that the sound is coming from above.

Another shriek, and then, all of a sudden, this loud rustling up in the tree that's just to my left. Two cats are up there going at each other like flying squirrels wrestling mid-air for the same acorn.

I lived with a guy for 6.5 years who had three cats, but they were all "indoor" cats, so I'm not exactly sure what "outdoor" cats can and cannot do. But I didn't think climbing trees was on the list, never mind the fighting while up there part. I mean, don't they call the fire department to rescue cats from trees?

What I do know is that my ass, faster than immediately, moved out from under that tree. I was not about to have a flailing, screeching, kamikaze cat, claw into my chest as it either jumped or got thrown from a tree. No sir, no ma'am, un-uhn, no sireee...

From Sunday

I'm leaving Flex on Sunday night, and have just gotten into my car, which is parked right at the front door to Flex.

Up ahead on the sidewalk to my right, I see two "plus-size" girls walking toward me — one's white and one's black. Big girls.

When they get between my car and the front door to Flex, they start motioning to me as if they want to ask me a question.

I haven't started my car yet, and don't want to turn the ignition on far enough to engage my electric window on the passenger side, because of my recent "start up" problems, so I reach across, and open the passenger door.

The white girl says as she's pointing at Flex, "Do they serve food in there?"

I try not to laugh at the fact that these two queen-sized ladies are walking the streets downtown, close to midnight, looking for food. Not to mention that they are mistaking a gay bar for a restaurant.

I respond, "No, actually it's a gay bar, and..."

Before I can finish my sentence, they both just scream with delight, "A gay bar!" and I watch their love handles jiggle as they go flying into the entrance way, doubting they even hear the end of my sentence, "...and they're doing karaoke in there."

I laugh, start up my car without incident, and imagine them, once inside Flex, after maybe a half hour or so, noticing the bags of nabs and chips and Doritos and stuff in the glass case by the door, and screaming, "They do serve food in here!"

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