DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A secret to post, dinner with an old friend, human interaction, and dancing...

I am so enamored with POSTSECRET, that I've dreamed up this postcard:

I want to make up a secret and send it in just to see

if I can get it published. However, if it does,

I'm afraid the bad feeling of it being made up

will cancel out the good feeling of it being published.

My favorite postcard from this week's collection is (click on the image to see the rest of this week's entries):

I created a "Recent Master of Science in Technical Communication Graduate Survey" today, since the SurveyBuilder tool is, once again, working. I also devised a note, and sent it, to the recent graduates requesting that they take it.

Brenda, an old high school friend, called me around 4:00 to see if I was free for dinner tonight, as she'd be passing through Raleigh at around 6:30 or so.

We had a nice dinner at Rockola, and though a brief visit, it was nice to catch up.

I picked up my bike at Flythe's today, and the same guy who waited on me on Monday when I brought it in was there. While he was ringing up my bill, I said, "I blogged about you on Monday."

We had a nice little exchange, with him being intrigued that he was "out on the Internet somewhere," and I gave him the address to this blog.

I left there thinking about how human interactions are what make life interesting, and how different, bland really, this whole experience would have been, had I not, today, mentioned to him the "difference" he made to me on Monday. I felt good acknowledging it, and he felt good hearing it.

I made a real quick grocery stop on the way home, and had just plopped my grocery bags on the counter when my cell phone rang. It was him saying he had read the entry on the Internet, and he thanked me for my kind words.

Dancing was just okay tonight. Too few dancers for my taste.

We did enjoy good "groceries," though, as I'd made, and brought, H&D's famous dip with some Tostitos, and Carl had brought two cans of peanuts — one honey-roasted, one dry-roasted.

We did two crossword puzzles once home, one a NYT "Monday" puzzle, which if you've seen Wordplay, know that it means it was an "easy" puzzle.

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