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Survey says, precious commodities, books at book club, and picture preparations...

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I actually drove into the office today for the first time in a couple of weeks, and miraculously, even though it was between 8:00 and 8:30 when I was on I-40, there were absolutely no traffic issues at all. Yay.

On the way to my office this morning, I saw a box sitting on the loading dock with the following written on the side of it, and wondered what an international visitor to our IBM site, not familiar with brand names, might surmise about just how much we value our toilet paper.

Toilet Paper
500 / 2 - ply

I had a productive morning, and met Janet in the lobby of Building 002 at 11:45 for our weekly Mostly Social Book Club (MSBC) lunch meeting, which today consisted of me, Janet, and Sharon. Suzanne was working from home today, and Mary is on a self-imposed hiatus, as she works exclusively from home now.

Big event at the meeting today: Books were discussed, and Egad, there were actually two of them on hand. There they lay on the table, palpable — two copies of Memoirs of a Geisha, our current book. Sharon had brought her library copy, and Janet had brought her personal copy.

At home, I have a borrowed copy of it from E-Ching, as 1) I've already read it, so didn't want to buy it, and 2) would prefer not to have a library copy as the amount of time we take to read a book inevitably exceeds the amount of allowable renewal time. We are, after all, mostly social.

The MSBC hates when I use the term "real book club," but I originally read Memoirs... during my eleven-year membership in The Nematomes, a, well, real book club.

Two notable items, both related to names, in the obits today:
  1. LAVINIA SULLIVAN VANN — I love how the first, middle, and last names each have a V in them, and how the last name is a slight elongation of the last syllable of the middle name.

  2. JOHN DONALD COFFIN — 'Nuff said.
Though not name related, I'm not keen on the period being outside the quotation mark in the survival list of AGUSTUS VERNON MARTIN: ...and his beloved and faithful canine companion, "Ginger". The period belongs inside the quotation mark in this country.

This reminds me, please, please, please, anyone close to me reading this blog entry today: Make sure a professional editor edits my obituary before it's published, even though I wrote it. But I digress...

R.I.P. Lavinia, John, and Agustus.

I had a boiled chicken breast, steamed cabbage, and corn for dinner tonight.  It was all good.

I got to Helios at around 7:30, and did the crossword puzzle from today's N&O, because there was a copy of it on the floor right near my table. I'm usually foraging through the recycle bin for a copy of it.

I was tempted to time myself doing it, but resisted.

I spent about an hour using Fireworks to lighten some of the digital pictures I took during my trip to my aunt's and uncle's -- some of them came out too dark. I'm going to order some printed copies to send to them.

During that time, I thought a wine tasting event was going to take place, as a group gathered at three tables pulled together, with a pitcher of water in the middle, wine glasses in a circle around it, and two baskets of crackers — presumably to clear one's palate — on either end of the group of tables.

As it turned out, it was an employee meeting, and I, as a customer, heard a few things I'd rather have not heard. Listening though, it made me think, wouldn't it be a great idea to invite a customer to your employee meeting every once in a while.

I skipped karaoke at Flex tonight, making it two nights in a row that I haven't been in the place. If I start to get the shakes, it will most likely be related to nicotine, and not alcohol, withdrawal.

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