DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Why women watch football, to-do's done at Helios, and tennis shoe dancing...

I spent the afternoon at Helios, where, from 1:30 until just before 3:00, Kevin (av8rdude) joined me.

He had to be home by 3:00, though, to watch the World Cup game between France and Portugal, as his next, future ex-husband resides on the Portuguese team.

This may not be why Kevin watches "football," but it is why women watch football. [Warning, the linked video contains full frontal male nudity. Do not watch it if that sort of thing offends you.] As if!

I had a productive time at Helios the rest of the afternoon; that is, until their wireless router went down.

I created a to-do list for things that I need to do in order to have a draft copy of my first STC Newsletter completed to send to Myra on August 1st.

I requested a prescription renewal for my lisinopril, allowing enough lead time to go through the ridiculous "new process" instigated by my practitioner at Imperial Center Family Medicine. I sent "feedback" to them via their Web site:

It used to be that when I requested a refill from merckmedco.com (my online pharmacy) of an expired prescription, they'd fax a letter to you saying that I was requesting a refill of an expired prescription, and your office (my doctor) would fax a renewal back. A renewal fax must come from the doctor's office; I can't fax one sent to me first.

Now when merckmedco.com sends that notification to you, you send the renewed (written) prescription to my home via the U.S. mail, and I have to mail it to merckmedco, since a fax can only be received by them from a doctor's office. This not only significantly lengthens the time it takes me to refill an expired prescription, it sort of takes away from the, well, online part of the online pharmacy.

I'm not happy about this.

I devised a good portion of my July 3rd blog entry.

I left after an hour of trying to reconnect to the Internet after they rebooted their router.

Robert arrived just before 6:00, and treated me to dinner at K&W. Thanks, my sweet.

We did the Word Jumble and crossword puzzles in two editions of the N&O, which I had salvaged from the recycle pile at Helios.

Dancing turned out to be festive tonight, in spite of Carl not arriving until after 10:00, and the bar not really being that crowded.

I had a wonderful waltz with Robert.

I saw this guy who I recognized as one of the singers from Costello's, though I couldn't remember his name.

I introduced myself to him, and he reminded me that his name was Rob. As it turned out, he knew how to two-step, though he hadn't done it in about ten years. I had a couple of dances with him, and it all came back to him.

He moved to Raleigh about two weeks ago, and hopes to become a "regular" on Wednesday nights.

Before I danced with him, he asked Robert why I danced in tennis shoes, so while I was dancing with him, I said to him, indicating his cowboy boots, "Don't step on my tennis shoes with those." How catty.

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