DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Worked from home, catty conversation...

I worked from home today, another "full week" (two days) of not going into the office.

I was to meet Joe at Flex at 11:30 for Trailer Park Prize Night.

At about midnight, Kevin (av8rdude) and Eric (innoman) arrived, and by 12:10, Joe still hadn't arrived and Eric loaned me his phone to call him.

He had fallen asleep, and said he was just leaving. He arrived at about 12:45.

In the course of the evening, two "gay" comments surfaced, one just stupid, the other one catty.

Let's start off with the stupid one, which came during this conversation with Matt, the Australian we met at dancing last night.

I said, "Hi, I met you last night; your name was Mitch, right?"

"Matt," he corrected me.

"Oh, yeah, sorry; Matt; hi."

"Where's your partner tonight?" he asked pronouncing the word partner as pahtnah.

I said, "Oh, you're from Massachusetts."

"No," he look bewildered. "Australia."

I said, "Oh, Australia, the next best place to Massachusetts."

He said, "Hey, let me ask you this. That was your partner last night, the one you were dancing with, right?"

"Yes," I said.

"Well, which one of you two are the top?"

It bugs me when gay people assume that someone in a couple has to be "the top" and the other "the bottom." I mean, I expect this from straight people -- to think that their paradigm is the only paradigm for sexual positions and roles.

"Actually, we're both tops," I responded.

"You are?" he said incredulously. "I had that all wrong. And, I'm usually right on target with that."

What an idiot. As if you can "tell" if someone is a top or bottom by looking at them.

And then there was the catty remark.

So, Shawn introduces me to this young friend of his. The kid looks as if he's 22, 25 somewhere in that age. About 5'11" or 6 feet, black rimmed glasses, braces -- not my type at all -- not what I consider attractive (to me), or hairy at all.

Shawn says to him, "David, this guy right here (indicating me), this is John; he's a good guy."

David looks at me and says, "You need to look at the right side of the menu, honey, because these prices are too high for you."

I'm just making up the name David, because I was so consumed with that comment, that I didn't process his name, or anything else he might have said.

I was, like, in my head, "Huhhhhhhh?"

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