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Work, lunch with Donna, dinner with Joe, Dale, & Ben, and the twins at Flex...

Some more blog humor from book_of_daniel's blog:

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I went into the office today, and met Donna for lunch. Actually, she picked me up at my office, and we went to a Subway that was inside one of the old IBM buildings in the B600 complex, the one which is now occupied by RTI, I think.

We had a great, great lunch, with lots to catch up on, including progress on John's estate, the latest with Rob, the reschedule of her parents' 50th celebration, and therapy.

I met Joe, Dale, and Ben for dinner at Hibernian at 6:30.

I had a bourbon and diet, Joe and Ben each had a draught beer, and Dale had a bottled beer.

The bottled beer turned out to be on the warm side, and when he tried to get it replaced, the waitress said that none of the bottled beer was probably going to be that cold, as they'd just restocked them all, having totally sold out of bottled beer in the place on Monday night:

We all split the Spinach & Artichoke Dip for an appetizer.

Ben & Dale each had the Fish & Chips, Joe had the Barbecue Checking & Coleslaw Wrap, and I tried the Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Joe and I stopped by my house so that I could refrigerate my dinner leftovers, and then we headed down to Flex to check out "Show Tunes" night.

Van and Adam dropped by, and were watching some of the video clips in the "VIP lounge." The clips have sort of morphed from just show tunes, to all kinds of shows, such as a scene from the final episode of Will & Grace (where Karen sings Unforgettable, while Jack plays the piano), and a skit from Saturday Night Live.

We played a couple games of pool, and when we stopped long enough to watch the SNL Coffee Talk skit, where Barbra makes an appearance, Kurt impatiently said, "Are you guys still not playing pool."

It was fairly dead in there, and at about 10:00, Joe and I were about to leave, when it was like a bus had pulled up and dropped off a full load of passengers, all of whom came into Flex. Among the revelers coming in were "the twins" (Phil and Craig) from Charlotte, and their friend Jay, along with Craig's date Steven.

We chatted with all of them for a while, and then all of us went over to CCs, where we watched the drag show. My favorite performer, Jazmine Adams, was there, and I gave her a $5 tip.

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