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A mid-morning walk in the woods...

Got up at 7AM with Robert, and made him lunch and coffee while he was showering. He passed on the coffee, but took the egg salad sandwich and chips.

I stayed up, and at around 9:30 took the Christmas package that I had wrapped yesterday for Jeane to the post office. $5.71 for a 5- 7-day delivery. Good deal.

I went to Lake Johnson, and had a brisk, 3-mile walk. It was quite nice out there. It felt good saying "good morning," to passers-by, and I felt great when it was done. Checked in with Robert during the walk, and he had had the busiest morning there since he'd started.

I took a nap mid-afternoon. At around 4:00, I checked in with Steve, Will, and Jay to see if any of them wanted to go to Drag Bingo in Durham at 7. They all had plans.

I got to Bingo on Garrett Road at about 6:50. I couldn't believe the number of cars that were there when I got there -- must have been 250-300. When I got to the door, about 40 people were just standing around. I thought, "Oh, they mustn't have opened the doors yet." Come to find out, they were "sold out," and this was the "waiting list." Let's just say that this idea was a jewel!

I waited just a few minutes to see what was going on, saw Mark K., who introduced me to his friend as "Jon Bitner," and then I left shortly after that.

Since I was so close, I stopped by UNC hospital to see Robert at work. We chatted for about 40 minutes, and then walked out together. Since I hadn't plan to meet Steve until 10:00, he asked me to come over to his place to hang out.

He made me some coffee, and showed me some old pictures. We listened to a "best of Kenny Loggins" CD by the fire. Very enjoyable.

I got to Steve's at about two till ten, and he still wasn't home (from Irregardless). He arrived at about 10:18, just before my body became completely frozen from sitting in my car.

We chit-chatted and watched TV until about midnight. He was hoping his neighbor would come home and come over and "join us," but that didn't happen.

He didn't feel like going out, and the couple of calls we'd made to Will while there remained unreturned. I left there thinking I was going out, but my car went directly home.

Unfortunately, I had a slight eating crises last night. While at Steve's, I ate about 5 little pieces of chocolate -- all things his friend Tim and him made at Christmas time -- probably quarter size chunks, a couple with peanuts in them, a couple with coconut, one a chocolate-covered pretzel, and one chocolate-covered oreo cookie. Then, once home, I finished off that damn nasty cheese and bacon spread (probably about two tablespoons worth) on the rest of the blue corn chip crumbs. I was disgusted with myself afterward.

Oh well, at least it's gone now. Also, in looking at "the big picture" (which I have trouble doing as an "S") if I hadn't been dieting, the total amount I ate would have been a "blip on the radar" compared to everything else I would have eaten that day.

I'm going to get right back on it tomorrow, and not beat myself up about it. Onward and upward (or should I say downward!).



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