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Drag names (cont...), found photos, yesterday's Helios gathering, dinner out, and STC meeting prep..

Drag Names (cont...)

Iona TrailerIlisa KarrChina Slowboat
Anita CocktailSausage PattyAngie O'Plasty
Tanya HydeSarah NaydeHannah Kronistik
Ophelia PainWanda LikkitHilda Klime
Olivia LifeoverSharon EadleOnya Nees
Carrie OnbagGretta LifeTara Flying
Phyllis IffilisVisa D'KlinedFrieda Peoples
Patty O'FurnitureAleekie Roof,
named after her mother Aleekie Tubb
Twolita Coke
Ida SlapterDieta PepsiHelvetica Bold
Lotta VaginaRoxy BullwinkleDinah Lone

If you've lost (or found) a photo, check this out:


I forgot to mention this in yesterday's blog. This happened yesterday.

I got to Helios at about 12:30. At about 12:45, I read a blog entry belonging to swindunbar, in which he stated:

Will be going to Helios Coffee in Raleigh at 1:00 pm today. Invited a few people by email if they wanted to join me. Just a casual thing.

I posted this comment to his entry:

Ironically, I am reading this right now at Helios, and it's 12:48. Guess you and your entourage will be arriving directly. :-)

After hitting the send button to post it, I looked up and to the right out the windows, where I saw tiberbearnc and his partner arriving. Shortly thereafter, the place was teeming with gay folks.

Just as I thought, "Lord, this place can't get any gayer," up walks Kevin (av8rdude), his boyfriend, Joey, and their friend Glenn.

It was like Gay Day at DisneyWorld in there today -- without the vitriolic follow-up by the Christian Right, that is.

I spent a couple hours at Helios today, where I caught up my blog, and read Guidelines for Student Chapter Achievement Awards in preparation for our STC meeting tomrrow.

At about 6:30, I called Joe to see what he was up to, and to see if he wanted to meet for dinner. He did, and we decided on Applebee's.

In the parking lot, I shared the list of drag names with him, over which we had a good laugh.

Inside, we received a waiter who had tattoos on each side of his neck -- large, script-written words, which to the best that we could determine without blatant staring, said, one word on each side of his neck:

Loyalty            Royalty

The family sitting in the booth behind me had a child in a high chair pulled up to their table, who let out absolutely ear-piercing screams intermittently throughout our dining experience.

I came up with a short list of ideas to help us meet our STC student chapter requirement of "holding a minimum of five substantive program meetings (speaker or panel discussion, as well as chapter-wide social functions) per year."

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