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A cool visual, Kinky Boots, et les noms de drag...

I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry that I met Chris' (zinnian's) friend Daniel last night at dancing. What a hunk of man he is, and he seemed nice, too. Bonus. Loved that tuft of hair poking out of the front of the collar of his shirt. But I digress...

This is a very cool visual experience: (Once the page loads, move your cursor to any part of the face and click on your Enter key.)


I saw the movie Kinky Boots at The Galaxy Theater. This was a great movie, exploring multiple themes.

Movie Synopsis: With the sudden death of his father, Charlie Price (Joel Edgerton) takes up the reins of the family's traditional, Northampton shoe business Price and Sons. But Charlie quickly discovers it is not business as usual and without new orders, bankruptcy looms. As a skeptical workforce debate their novice manager, Charlie looks to London for solutions, and in a chance encounter, discovers sassy caberet star, Lola (Chiwetel Ejiofor), whose Soho world of outrageous fashion and stylish, erotic boots for men, opens his eyes to an intriguing niche market, a long way from mens' classic brogues.

Over in Joe.My.God's blog, he's asked people to submit their favorite drag names. There's been a slew of them. I'm going to post my favorites over the next couple of postings -- 30 at a time, so as not to overdose.

Rita BeadsPeaches ChristThe Empress Porque
Suppositori SpellingMae O'ClinicAmber Dextris
Summer ClearanceBertha VanationHelen Bedd
Syphillis DillerSofonda PetersHedda Lettuce
Rhonda BoutelevinRita BookMary K. Mart
Bertha De SaviorTrampolina MattressbackHelena Handbasket
Shaneesta KwittAnna PhalaxisVagina Mae Menstruate
Shelita HammShelita BuffetDixie Normus
Auntie BellumA sister act: Amyl and Butyl NitrateVelveeta Du Soir
Ophelia UppAnother sister act: Patti and Tuna MeltDora Jarr
Tags: drag queen names

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