DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The key to it all...

We had our first RTA GLBT Business Leaders meeting today at work. I had a brutally honest skip-level with Rich today. Ed Tremblay's 30th year company anniversary was today.

Robert's letter was in the mail. That crying lion of courage made me cry. What a lovingly honest card.

I went to our TCW Open House from 6:30-9. Jay asked me for a slow dance to one of Natalie Cole's songs. Nice. I stopped by home to put the milk in the fridge and Robert was in my driveway. "All that's happening here is a long good-bye." He gave me back my key. It was all profoundly sad.

I went over to Jay's to help him move his desk down to the basement.

My house is a mess.

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