DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Lunch with Courtney, and a fashion faux pas...

I worked form home this morning, still editing the Users Guide for IDI. Tedious. Lots of markup.

I got to work at just after 11:30, and met Courtney in the lobby of B510 at 11:45.

We stopped by the cafeteria, where I bought a sandwich, and then we went up to my office to work on her financial stuff.

I swear these applications we have to use to manage our 401K plan are ridiculous. Remind me again that I work for one of the biggest, and most successful, computer companies in the world.

I am particularly proud of Courtney, as she is getting started right away on "putting away for tomorrow." Compound interest will be her friend.

And I was honored to be an inspiration in her getting her financial act in order from the start of her employment with IBM. Go Courtney.

And, to boot, she brought me white chocolate covered pretzels as a thank-you for my help. Love 'em.

I left work in time to beat the 5:00 I-40 Parking Lot, and did some more editing when I got home.

I picked up Joe at the airport at about 11:15. His flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:24, but actually landed at 11:06. Who's counting?

I dropped him off at his house, and headed down to Trailer Park Prize Night at Flex.

Kevin arrived shortly after I got there, and Joe arrived after a while. Alexis Perry was the emcee tonight, and the show was alright.

I was involved with a small fashion faux pas, as a guy I know and I had on the same black t-shirt, one with such a print on it:

I suggested he might want to stand on the other side of the bar.

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