DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Work, walk, and bewilderment...

I worked from home this morning, and went to book club in B002 for lunch. Only Suzanne and I were there today, and she caught me up on Christopher's situation.

From there, I went to my office, where I worked until about 7:00, finishing up Emma's edit.

At home, I heated up the leftover grilled hamburger from yesterday's cookout with Joe.

Afterwards, I really didn't want to, but I talked myself into a 30-minute walk -- the Kaplan - Merwin - Merrie - Octavia - Gorman - Kaplan loop.

I went to Karaoke at about 10:30, and when I arrived, someone was singing, but the words to the songs weren't displaying on the monitors around the place -- just (evidently) on the one the singers look at while singing.

I went up to Richard, the bartender, nodded at the TV monitors, and said, "Where da words be?"

"Huh?" he said.

I repeated, and added, "Where da words be -- on the monitors?"

"Don't you know the words to this song?"

I did not give this question and credence as having anything to do with the point.

"We thought we'd put movies on instead of showing the karaoke words. That way people could sit in the VIP lounge (this description is a total joke), and watch movies if they want to."


Okay, I'm thinking, who in the hell says, "I want to watch a movie. I think I'll go down to a bar and do it. Oh, yeah, and I'll go to a bar where it's Karaoke night. Oh, no, it doesn't matter if there's no sound, I like reading the closed captions."


I looked over in the "VIP Lounge," which basically consists of a raised floor area maybe 10-feet-by-10-feet, where there's a couple of big chairs, a short divan-type couch, and a console TV, and I nodded at the crowd of no one watching the movie.

After the next Karaoke song, they put the words back on the monitors. I'm such a bitch.

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