DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A walk around the lake, Flex, and Flex redux...

We had waffles and eggs for breakfast, and decided to get down to Lake Johnson for a walk before it got any hotter outside.

We had a nice chat walking around the lake, as I shared with Robert, and we discussed, some of the feedback I've received in my "Dailyafirmation Blog Survey."

It was a beautiful day for a walk, and at a little over half way, when we reached the pavilion, we stopped to enjoy it a little. A radio-controlled sailboat regatta was just finishing up. Grown men with big toys.

Robert stopped at the restroom, and I went out on the deck -- where there was a wonderful, cool breeze -- and a man walked up with his dog, which hobbled a ways before lying down.

It never got up the five or so minutes we were there, and as we walked around the corner, out of earshot of its owner, I nodded my head back towards it,

and said, to Robert, "That was an arithmetic dog."

"An arithmetic dog?" he asked.

"Yeah, puts down three, carries one."

One of my dad's old jokes.

I got to Flex at 6:00 tonight to catch "the early crowd," as when I tried to catch some of them last week, getting there at 8:00, they were all gone.

The place was dead yet again. I played three games of pool by myself to practice, taking advantage of it being free all night on Sundays.

At about 7:00, some folks trickled in, including Robert F. and his little group, who had just returned from seeing The Da Vinci Code. Their review was, "It was alright."

I left at about 8:05, as the place was once again deserted. It might be the season finale of Desperate Housewives or something.

I returned to Flex at 11:00 for scareyoke, where I stayed until about 1:30. Late into the night, when there were just a few people left, both Joey and Kevin sang songs. Joey sang some song by The Kinks, which I didn't know, and Kevin sang "Lola."

Joe was driving back from Pennsylvania, and there was a slight possibility he'd get back into town around 2:00.

At 1:30, I drove Kevin (av8rdude), Joey, and Brian (brianrdu) over to Legends, and they got out while I stayed in the car to check in with Joe-Joe, who was just reaching the N.C. border, but stopping at a rest stop, so not making it back to Raleigh by 2:00.

Someone was getting handcuffed by the cops in the parking lot to Legends. At the door, Brian was still trying to get into the place.

We didn't stay there too long, as we had missed the drag show, and there really wasn't anything going on. I think I left there at about 2:15, and I dropped Brian off at his car at Flex, and Joey and Kevin off on Hillsborough Street close to Kevin's place.

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