DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

"Home" work, Will & Grace ends, late night work stop, and Trailer Park Prize Night...

I worked from home again today, and struggled to complete the edit of a 350-page book. I only had to edit changed text, marked with "change bars," but I still didn't get through all of it.

I stopped at 7:00 and showered.

I headed to Legends at about 7:40 to attend the TCW Will & Grace Final Episode Fundraiser.

They were asking for a $10 donation, or whatever you could afford, and I gave them a $25 check at the door. Richard was bartending, and I had one bourbon and diet while I was there.

Not having a television for four years, most of the episodes of Will & Grace are new to me, and I really enjoyed the hour before the final episode where they showed clips from episodes over the eight years. Karen just kills me.

TCW had plenty of door prizes, and raffled them off during the commercials. My ticket number was about the third one called. I got a black ball cap that says, "Picture This" on the front, and "NC Museum of Art" on the back.

Since they had a lot of prizes, if you won, they put your ticket back in the jar. Two drawings later, my number was called again. I got an art book.

During the next drawing, my number was called yet again. I just waved at Robert to draw another number. Embarrassing.

I thought the final episode was funny and poignant enough.

One thing I learned in the two hours of television is that I sure as hell don't miss commercials. Excruciating.

At 10:00, after the show, I got my hand stamped to get in to Flex free later for Trailer Park Prize Night, and headed in to work. I scanned my edit work from today, and sent it to the writer in Austin.

I got to Flex at 12:30, just as the show was starting. Eric (innoman) was walking in at precisely the same time. Mary K. Mart was the hostess. Yay!

Perhaps the most interesting thing of the night was when Mary had two straight guys up on stage, and she asked them to kiss. One was game. The other refused.

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