DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

No work, a gift by phone, dinner, a puzzle, and a plethora of dancers...

I had a leisurely morning.

Just before heading out to the American & European Massage Center off Falls of Neuse Road, I decided to call them to see if I could purchase a gift certificate over the phone, since both the receiver (my friend Steve) and the sender (myself) have been clients there before. They obliged. Yay for saving time and gas.

I went to the grocery store, where I bought items for dinner tonight.

Robert arrived at around six, and we had Grilled Chicken Alfredo Pasta for dinner, with some French bread. I added broccoli and mushrooms to the pasta dish as well.

After dinner, we did the Indy crossword puzzle, and then (I) took an hour nap. Robert tried, but was not as successful.

We had a lot of dancers present tonight - having thirteen people on the dance floor for one dance. I contend that that's a record. Robert thinks we've had as many before.

Carl taught two lessons, the first being a review a Badonkadonk, and the second being Chill Factor, which was an "advanced" dance. I'd argue, an extremely advanced dance.

I got most of it, but will definitely need a "review" of it next week. At any rate, it's going on the list.

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