DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Coffee, an arduous crossword puzzle, exercise, and an expansion announcement...

At around noon, I left for Helios to meet Kevin (ava8rdude), and spend the afternoon.

As I turned right from Avent Ferry Rd. onto Western Blvd slightly after the light turned red at this "No Turn On Red" intersection, I looked back to see the car behind me, after coming to a complete stop, turn on red.

Running A Red Light

I wondered if it's more, less, or the same level of infraction for running a red light as opposed to turning right on red where there's a sign that says it's prohibited.

I had intended on devising my Sunday blog entry there, but got totally engrossed creating a crossword puzzle for my first edition of the STC Newsletter as its new editor.

I have a new-found respect for crossword puzzle creators, though I'm sure most of them, if not all, use a program to do it. It took me four hours to create mine.

I created it manually, and it was arduous. The clues (and in turn, the answers) are mostly about the MS in Technical Communication program at State, in which the majority of the newsletter audience members are enrolled.

I sent it to three professors for a "Usability Test," and responses from two of them were a great help.

I left Helios at about 4:00, and made it to Carmichael at about 4:45. I had intended to only walk today, but once there, did 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by a 30-minute walk. Yay!

Kevin (ava8rdude) forwarded me this announcement about our favorite coffee shop:

Helios Coffee Company and The Six String Café and Music Hall have announced a joint venture that will combine the two companies. The combination brings together Raleigh's premier coffee house with one of the Southeast's leading music venues.

This summer construction will begin for the new Six String Café Music Hall on the second floor of Helios Cafe's building at 413 South Glenwood Avenue.

When the expanded facility is ready this fall, customers will be able to enjoy the finest coffees and espresso in the Triangle (AOL Cityguide, 2006) a state-of-the-art music performance venue, featuring Six String's stable of national class musicians, playing acoustic music ranging from bluegrass and folk to rock to jazz and blues an upstairs bar overlooking Glenwood South, with all ABC permits, serving top shelf mixed drinks, fine wines, beers on tap, and an expanded menu, featuring tapas and fine desserts!

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