DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Crest* mail, 7 cards for $5.43, a gift, dinner, some weeding, a crossword, napping, and dancing...

It was a mail kind of day for me:
  • I sent a thank you card to Rick regarding his Annual Derby Party.

  • I sent a postcard to my sister regarding getting praise blown up her skirt.

  • I mailed Jay's birthday card.

  • I made my payment for last quarter's, and all of next year's, pest control services.

  • I mailed a copy of my blog entries for the month of April to my parents.

  • I mailed a copy of my blog entries for the month of April to my aunt and uncle.
I love sending mail and using stamps.

Regarding my friends Rick and Jay above: They both live in the same city and zip code, and one's street address is 2812 Crestline Avenue and the other's is 2812 Crestscene Trail. What are the chances of that, and of me having mail to go out for both of them on the same day?

I slept in today, enjoying my day off.

I went to one of my favorite places, the Factory Card & Party Outlet Store, where I bought 7 cards for $5.43. I almost bought 3 cards for a little over $10 at Target the other night, but reminded myself that I had time to wait and get them at the outlet store.

For $5.43, I got:
  • a Mother's Day card
  • a 50-Year Anniversary card
  • a 75th Birthday card
  • a Graduation card
  • and 3 Happy Birthday cards.
I also got a mailer in which to return a CD that I borrowed from someone. The lady that showed me where they were said, "These are actually video mailers, but they accommodate CDs as well."

Well, there were two things about that exchange: 1) She did not use the $2-word "accommodate," and 2) She was wrong about it "holding" CDs.

I stopped by Best Buy, and bought a graduation gift for my friend Steve, who is celebrating receiving his Master's degree on Saturday evening.

I stopped by the Harris Teeter and Moe's Southwest Grill on the way home to get dinner items to make "Nacho Supremes."

Robert was at the house when I got home, and was weeding out the probably six feet-by-two feet area between my house and my deck, that if he didn't tend to would probably have weeds growing like Jack-in-the-Beanstalk up to my roof. Thank you, my sweet.

After "another successful dinner," we did this week's Indy crossword puzzle, and did quite well at it, I might add.

When done, we took a nap for a little over an hour.

Dancing was fairly festive tonight. There was a group of about five new people, so a big crowd for two lessons -- "Badonkadonk" and the "Canadian Stomp."

Fun Night.

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