DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Off today, another password reset, working out, Target and Harris Teeter shopping...

Today was my first week of not working on a Monday. Yay!

I got my financial records caught up in Quicken for 2006 -- my checking and savings accounts, and my American Express and Citibank Mastercard credit card accounts.

Late afternoon, I called the Helpdesk to once again have my remote dial-in password reset, as I fucked it up again yesterday.

It should be in my mail tomorrow when I get to the office.

I went to the gym at about 6:30, and did 45 minutes on an elliptical machine, followed by a 60-minute walk on the indoor track. A couple of real hotties there tonight.

At home, I showered, and headed out to Target, where I bought:

Fellowes FS5M Paper ShredderHair Gel SprayLysol Mildew Spray
Crest MouthwashClorox BleachHanes White Ankle Socks

I stopped at Harris Teeter on the way home, mainly for some lettuce to make a salad with tomorrow.

Turns out the Diet Rite Cola was on sale, so I nabbed two twelve-packs of those, as was the Gorton's fillets that I've become so fond of, and most of the Lean Cuisines were either 4 for $9.00 or 5 for $10.00. Got all those things.

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