DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

I will, I Will...

Picked Courtney up today; her car is still in the shop. Uneventful work day, for the most part. Before I left, I sent a note to an auditing manager in Dallas for tips on career steps.

Attended an e-Meeting, which was riddled with problems. People couldn't get into the meeting, we ran out of phone lines after 20 people, and had to stop and all redial to a number with more lines, then the presenter's machine stopped working so copies of the slides had to be e-mailed, and then the phones started messing up at the end. I felt sorry for the moderator. She was pretty distraught and very apologetic.

Took Courtney to the Precision Auto place, which was right near where I used to work when I worked for Broadreach assigned to the State of NC's CIO office.

While driving there, Will called me to see if I could pick up his car with him some time today. I told him I'd call him after the board meeting, and we'd do it then.

Dropped by the post office, and checked the TCW mail. Stopped by home to pick up dinner. Nabbed a Lean Cuisine Three-Cheese French Bread from the freezer.

Went to CUCC to connect to the EAGLE Officers' Conference Call at 5:15. Got there a little early, heated up my dinner, and ate it while checking e-mail.

Robert checked in by phone, but we couldn't talk but a minute because I was expecting Cheryl's call.

Mark K. attended the EAGLE meeting, which was a nice surprise. He had organized Bill B., from AASC, to come to our EAGLE luncheon to speak next week. I'd forgotten he'd arranged that, and had moved the lunch to the following week because I had inadvertently schedule the 2nd Tuesday of the month instead of the 3rd. He's going to renegotiate with Bill for the following Tuesday. This will give us more time to advertise the event.

We talked about the election of new officers for 2003, preparing something about dues to present at the kickoff meeting, and scheduled the kickoff meeting. Good progress.

The call finished at 6:15. I ran to Wellspring and got a cup of coffee (which was too strong), and read the obituaries, and a few other things out of the paper.

The board meeting started pretty much on time, with all six remaining members (eventually) in attendance. (Michelle arrived a little late.) We had a good meeting, but it was too long, going until 9:30.

I picked Will up and we went to pick up his car. Once home, I sent the invitation to the Foster Parenting Seminar volunteers about our meeting next Wednesday.

I ate a killer 4-point salad!

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