DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Psycho dog, a lake walk with a setting sun contemplation of life, and a daily affirmation...

This video is labeled, "Crazy Dog." I think "crazy" is generous. I'd argue for "psychotic."

I made a dent in putting away the papers from this past semester laying around my guest/computer room. All organized by date: the reading assignment, my blog entry of it, the handouts she presented that week, and any miscellaneous notes.

I walked around the lake, and listened to the soundtrack from Wicked the entire way.

When I got about three-fourths the way around, to the boathouse, I sat out on the deck there for about 15 minutes -- in a rocking chair, with the sun on my legs and arms, and my head in the shade enjoying the cool 70-degree breeze. I marveled at how wonderful my life is right now.

I stopped at the Harris Teeter off Buck Jones Road on the way home, and among other things, bought rolls, chicken salad, and pimento cheese to make finger sandwiches for tomorrow night's final ENG 675 defenses.

At home, I made a killer salad with chunks of teriyaki-marinated chicken in it, which I had for dinner.

I listened to part of the Wicked soundtrack again.

I had an AIM conversation with Irene, ironically, about how happy I am.

nematome (9:14:38 PM): donna and i had such a heart-warming ride back from the squire
iwc41 (9:14:46 PM): I'm glad
nematome (9:15:12 PM): talked about how we have finally come to the place in our lives where we love one another in the way that 1) we can, and 2) is right for each other.
iwc41 (9:15:16 PM): what was the best moment
nematome (9:15:18 PM): my heart was warm
iwc41 (9:15:29 PM): oh...
nematome (9:15:32 PM): well it was around music of course
iwc41 (9:15:33 PM): that is the best
iwc41 (9:15:42 PM): and the music was???
nematome (9:15:45 PM): that's when that comment came out
nematome (9:15:48 PM): i had put on vince gill
nematome (9:15:49 PM): SOUVENIRS
nematome (9:15:51 PM): LOVE THAT CD
nematome (9:15:58 PM): and the last song on it is I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU
nematome (9:16:00 PM): duet with dolly
nematome (9:16:05 PM): and that's THE song
nematome (9:16:07 PM): when we were breaking up
nematome (9:16:12 PM): that played while we were packing
nematome (9:16:18 PM): in the upstairs of our house
nematome (9:16:35 PM): with that "hollywood" bath (between the two bedrooms)
nematome (9:16:39 PM): she was in one.. i was in the other
nematome (9:16:49 PM): and when it came on.. we looked at each other through that bathroom
nematome (9:17:03 PM): that line... "we both know i'm not what you need..."
nematome (9:17:44 PM): and we BOTH thought that about the other.
iwc41 (9:17:58 PM): because in many ways it was
nematome (9:18:22 PM): yes.. undoubtedly that will remain the most sad as well as poignant moment of my life.
nematome (9:18:34 PM): as well as the turning point to getting to the amazing place that i am today
nematome (9:18:42 PM): in terms of well-being and happiness.
iwc41 (9:18:48 PM): relish it and her....that's what intimacy is all about
iwc41 (9:18:58 PM): I love you John....with every fiber of my being
nematome (9:19:11 PM): thank you for being in my life, irene.
iwc41 (9:19:18 PM): no, thank you
nematome (9:19:21 PM): you are a big part of my happiness, too
iwc41 (9:19:43 PM): and you make me try harder to be better than I am
nematome (9:19:46 PM): SOOOO when is your FRIEND arriving???
iwc41 (9:20:00 PM): in an hour and I am not yet dressed
iwc41 (9:20:15 PM): well I'm not naked
iwc41 (9:20:21 PM): that wouldn't be cute
nematome (9:20:21 PM): lol
iwc41 (9:20:37 PM): but I do need to tend to it
nematome (9:20:43 PM): yes.. thanks for checking in
nematome (9:20:47 PM): SMOOCH!
iwc41 (9:20:53 PM): love you mucho
nematome (9:21:00 PM): you too

I had a brief AIM conversation with Robert before retiring to read more of The Dead Beat.


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