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Our 5th year begins, a Moe-Joe dinner, and Mommie Dearest show tunes...


going on - verb phrase: approaching [e.g., I am 4 going on 5.]

Yesterday, Robert and I celebrated four years together. Today, we started on our fifth year -- our second term -- if you will.

People, and gay people in particular I think, count their anniversaries in so many different ways. At least straight people can use the wedding day as a good anchor. But I'm not bitter.

We count ours from the day we met, which was April 27, 2002. It was at the Evening with Friends Gala, and it all started when I asked, "Are you available for kissing?" To which he replied, "Yes, I am." Awwww.

Thanks for your very heart-warming card, my sweet. And again,
Happy Anniversary!

I went into the office for the first time this week. I spent the entire day, except for one hour, transferring everything on my desktop PC to my new laptop, which I've actually had for a few months now.

I'm making myself more "mobile," as next week is my last full week at the office. My "Work Option Leave of Absence" starts the following week, which means, that for the next year, I'll be working Tuesdays and Thursday only. Yippee!

The one hour I didn't spend doing that, I met with Michelle, a colleague and very experienced and excellent editor, to get some "tips of the trade" from her.

The best thing about that meeting was the walk to and from it, as I had to walk outside between two buildings on campus, and the weather was just phenomenal. I listened to some tunes on my iPod while walking.

I picked up Joe at the airport at about 6:45. Though his flight left Chicago about 10 minutes late, it arrived about 15 minutes early.

We had dinner at Moe's Southwest Grill at the shopping/restaurant area next to Sam's on Harrison Avenue.

I had a burrito, of which I ate half and brought the rest home, and we split a basket of tortilla chips with some con queso cheese sauce. Good stuff.

Joe caught me up on the conflict + drama of his week on business in KCMO.

Later, we met at Flex, where "Friday Night Show Tunes" were in progress.

There were actually different scenes in the collection this time, some not really "show tunes." I wondered if these were from Van's collection of movies.

For instance, there was one collage of scenes -- maybe two or three minutes long -- from Mommie Dearest, which was actually fun for me. I've heard countless gay men quote (word-for-word) so many lines from this movie, yet I've never seen it myself.

"No... wire... hangers. What's wire hangers doing in this closet when I told you: no wire hangers EVER? I work and work 'till I'm half-dead, and I hear people saying, "She's getting old." And what do I get? A daughter... who cares as much about the beautiful dresses I give her... as she cares about me. What's wire hangers doing in this closet? Answer me. I buy you beautiful dresses, and you treat them like they were some dishrag. You do. Three hundred dollar dress on a wire hanger."

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