DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Work and play...

Decent day at work. Got my Quality Plan done at the last minute, though couldn’t format it nicely because the networked version of Word was really fucked up. It’ll be easy to finish when I get back. I also got my time all recorded for the last several weeks. Don’t know about this ABT Workbench tool.

Bob Donalson called today to acknowledge my note about the availability of Ellen O’Connell’s job. He told me they were going to move most of the work she was doing to Philly, and replace her job with a mostly administrative one. The salary would be $25K-$30K less than what I’m making. I was already making more then Ellen, he said. No problem. I just wanted to put the bug in his ear.

Joyce Sykes called from the N&O. Look like there’s some chance my “The Weekly Reader” story might get published. She asked me to sent pertinent photos in DPI 200 size to PHOTOTECHS@NANDO.COM. I shared this with Jeane. She seemed pretty psyched as well.

I called Highwoods to see who was teaching the noon Step class. I was glad to hear it was Brenna, and went. She didn’t show up, and they waited until 12:15 to decide to have Angela lead the class. I was pretty perturbed by then. I did the treadmill for about 10 minutes, and then the Cross Trainer for 30 minutes. This is the second time Brenna was a no show (though I wasn’t there for the class the last time). The last time I had her she was late. Too bad, because she’s a great instructor.

I got all my notifications set up to be out for two weeks… State e-mail, Broadreach e-mail, and voice mail. I sure hope Susan chills out while I’m gone. That woman is heading for a breakdown. Bantered about a little with Scott today. He bought in NZRO’s IPO at 126. I bought 100 shares of Cisco today on a nice dip. It closed up almost two dollars from where I bought. Yippee. I also bought one contract of the Vignette Nov 75 puts hoping it will go down some time between now and then.

After work, Rob was in Garner tending to Doris and Gracie, who seems to have some kind of lip infection. He canceled his dinner out with Charlotte. Donna called at about 9:30, and we caught up on our stock market ventures. She is down a few grand now, but is itching to trade more. J

We left for Santiago’s and David’s at 10PM. We stopped by their house, listened to David tell some funny stories about his past lives living with women (as roommates). He’s very funny to me. We left for Boxers at around 11:30. We met two of their friends there (who didn’t know each other), Matt and Michael. They were very nice guys. David seems a little smitten with Matt. Michael reminded me a little of Ken. We played a couple of games of pool on that pitiful pool table that didn’t return the cue ball. Of course we scratched a lot and eventually lost the cue ball. We then started picking up one of the other team’s ball, use it for a cue ball, and then set it back. After a while, that evolved into just leaving the “used” cue ball wherever it ended up. It got to be a mess after a while keeping track of what balls you had, and what happens when the “fake” cue ball scratched. The game went on a long time. We then moved over to the other “good” pool table and played a game there. Actually, Rob and I watched that game. We left at around 1:45.

On the way home Rob was telling me about his rush to get to the bowling alley yesterday. There was some construction going on on Downtown Boulevard, which caused him to have to take a detour, which then made him late. He said he had to “run an errand” before bowling. I asked him if it was to see Donny. He said, “No, to see Jeane, actually.” I said, “Oh? What for?” “It’s a surprise,” he said. Seems like something might be up for my birthday.

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