DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Trekking, dinner with the Rajogopals, and soccer...

I’m having to write this from memory now, as I didn’t write it Thursday night or Friday morning. It seems like the work day was uneventful. I did trekking during lunch. That’s always a good work out in spite of Lisa’s rambling. She was telling stories of driving that big, red, butch Dodge Ram she got as a rental car. It was the only one left in the state (with the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd), and she was horrified when she first found out she was getting it. But after a while, she discovered the “high” of what she could do with that truck, and all the attention she was getting from guys with it. She wanted to turn right on red at a light, and the person in front of her was not quite far enough up for her to go to the right of them. Then she realized she could just take that big ole thang up on the curb, and that’s what she did.

After work, I went to Raj’s house to install 128M of RAM. It went very smoothly. He vacuumed out his PC insides, and we made the swap. He was barefoot. I was wondering if I should have volunteered to take my shoes off. I didn’t notice if Joyce and Arun were also barefoot. I got to meet Joyce. She is real sweet. She made some delicious Indian food. It was a flour tortilla (made from scratch), and we dropped this chicken (chunks) mixture and some potatoes mixed at least with onions on it. It was delicious, and very spicy. I had three of them. She had also made some white rice, and a vegetable mixture to go on it – radishes and some other veggies, can’t remember. Also very spicy, but very good. Raj ate it all with his fingers – even the rather soupy veggie and rice combo.

I ran home from there to change. Rob left for bowling just as I got home. I changed and went to the Soccer Dome to watch the Broadreach Soccer game with David. It was fun, but he was a little loud with that woman laugh. J Our team lost 15 – 1. That’s a little much. I am looking forward to playing when I get back, either the rest of this season or into the next season. It’ll be good exercise.

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