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Work, and reading...

I noticed that my IE Browser is not working, and thought, “This is the reason that BladeRunner validation error box is coming up blank. I tried to download IE 4.0 w/SP1 from Microsoft’s site, but they only had IE 4 w/SP2. I tried that but did not have a successful install. I asked Dewaine (reluctantly so) to help me reinstall IE 3 w/SP1. He did that and we actually had an interesting conversation while it was downloading and installing.

He is always carving something with his pocketknife. Today he was carving up a carrot and eating it. At the end, he made it into a very fancy, intricate rose petal. He talked about the importance of doing that work and teaching his son to do it. He’s six now, and Dewaine’s been sitting and carving toys for and with him since he was two. Dewaine can see a lot of improvement in him. He talked like a proud father who takes his parenting role seriously. It kind of surprised me.

Bob Donalson called me about my phone call to him yesterday regarding the e-mail escalation that took place yesterday. Basically he wanted to tell me that I “did the right thing,” and I shouldn’t feel like I didn’t. We got a note that Ellen O’Connell is leaving. That was a surprise. I don’t really care that much for her anyway, so it didn’t bother me any. I sent a note to Bob telling him that I have interest in the Human Resources and Communications area of the company if an opportunity ever comes up that I could move into without too much of a pay cut. You got to let them know what you want, or for sure nothing will ever happen.

I had to get out of that place for lunch today. I called Raj on a whim, and surprisingly he agreed to meet me at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. We had a nice chat. I filled him about the “new Raj,” and about Joedy’s departure. Scott told me the “real” word was that Joedy wasn’t hacking it. Everyone else thinks (sure) that he “just wanted a different opportunity.”

Susan was very stressed out today. It seems to be getting worse and worse. I think she will either have a little breakdown or quit if things keep up at this pace. She has about 20 resumes on her desk. She’ll never have time to interview that many people. She seems overwhelmed, and at a loss to have to tell her kids when they call that “momma will be home late tonight, but before you get to bed.”

I sent e-mail to two N&O editors today with my “The Weekly Reader” story attached. I received a response from one of them pointing me to another staff member. I will forward it to her.

I left at about 6:15, stopped by Boston Chicken to get us dinner, and went to Jeane’s. Rob met us there, we all ate, and then Rob took some pictures of us with Joe’s digital camera. Rob left, Jeane and I did the mail, and then read the trivia book some.

Jeane told me about Debbie taking 10-15 of her Xanax’s while she (Debbie) was telling her (Jeane) about her drug addict friend. Jeane offered Debbie some, and said, “Take a few.” Debbie didn’t know that Jeane knew just how many were in that bottle.

I stopped by Doris’s on the way home to give her the camera and to indicate to her which pictures I was interested in. She showed me the white cat she is fostering. It’s the one I met at Robin’s that was locked in the bathroom and shaking – the one from the family with the kids that used to terrorize it. It had bitten Doris. She wasn’t pleased about it, but didn’t seem mad or ready to give the cat up. She said Joe will probably tend to the pictures tomorrow. If not, surely by Friday. He is able to print a copy or two, too, so that’ll be good for Jeane. She said she’d buy him the developing printer paper.

Got home and Rob was on the couch with Bruno.

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