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Returning home...

Jimmy didn’t wake us up at 8 like he was supposed to. I woke up at 8:09. Rolled over until about 8:25. When I came out of the shower Phyllis had gotten up. She said Jimmy had gone out, but didn’t wake her up either. She held off on breakfast as she thought that maybe he had gone out to get bagels or something. He returned empty-handed, and she toasted some English muffins. We put peach preserves on them, and had some good coffee and orange juice. Then, we all road together to Dulles.

The flight was uneventful. The girl sitting on the aisle of my row gave herself some kind of injection right before we took off. It seemed like she might have had a shunt somewhere around her hip area. She took two bags of the pretzels. The standard fare was one bag of pretzels and one bag of peanuts. As we were exiting, she had trouble getting this huge mother of a suitcase out of the overhead storage. Actually a guy across the aisle from us was trying to get it out for her. She said, “This happens every week. I really need to check it, but I’m too lazy.” We were in row five, and after holding up the deplaning, she turned around to the main behind her and said, “I’m sorry.” He was a French man (he and his wife were speaking French the whole way back), and he responded, quite elegantly I thought, with, “No problem. Obviously you like it if you do it every week.” Touché.

What luck. My bag was the second one to come out at baggage claim. I went out to catch the bus to Park & Ride 1. The buses came: Parking Lot 4, Parking Lot 2, Parking Lot 3, Parking Lot 2, Parking Lot 4, and after 20 minutes, Parking Lot 1. What luck.

When I got back Rob was finishing up vacuuming. That was a pleasant surprise, and very much appreciated. When Rob was filling me on the past few days he mentioned a little Mexican guy who was “working him” at the bar when he went out with Dave and Dwight on Saturday night. It’s kind of ironic me thinking that I might get worked at the bar in DC (which I didn’t), and he did here.

We went for a down Balsam to see the damage from the hurricane. On the way in I had stopped to chat with Wes from the car, since he was in his yard. He said the reason we still didn’t have our phone was because of the damage on Balsam. On our walk we saw a little damage, though not as much as Wes had intimated. We, of course, didn’t get by without talking to Mahria’s mother. They had a “projectile” (limb) come through their roof. When I told her I had gone out of town and hated it for Rob, I was sure glad not to be here, she said (friendly sarcastic), “Well, isn’t that loving?” Interesting comment.
While rounding the corner back to Spruce, Jenny Fitzgerald came whizzing by on a bicycle. She yelled hello and kept on riding. She sure is gray.

Back at the house, I took a brief nap, then had to go into work since our phone is still out and I couldn’t connect to the Internet. I got a good amount done at work, though not as much as I would have liked to – worked on the clip art bookmarks and references for the Internet SIG tomorrow night, and filled out my expense report. While there I also talked to Vivian and Jeff, Sharon Kunesh, and Traci Dunbar. They were getting ready to turn out the electricity in Greenville for 4 or 5 days – due to flooding problems associated with Hurricane Floyd. I thanked Sharon for checking in with us, and asked her if she knew how Suzanne fared. It appears she and Greg left town. I’m anxious to hear about that. I talked to Traci about her bounced rent check. She has been trying to reach me, and is taking care of it. It appears deposits she been making at an ATM machine since July have not been getting recorded in her checking account. I told her to add $3.00 to the new check to cover my bank charge for the bounce. No problem. I should have called Mom and Dad – it’s their anniversary – but I didn’t. I should at least get a card out in the next couple of days.

I got home right at 10:00 in time to see the (repeat) final episode of The Practice. It seems that Rob has gotten into it. I hope so. It’ll be another thing we can watch together in the coming season. The Practice on Sunday nights, and Ally on Monday nights. Even though it was a repeat, I’m quite certain I didn’t see it the first time.

The new little kittens here (Arial et.al. sure are cute). Bruno continues to run from us. That’s a little disheartening. I see the VCR was left on when I got home. That, too, is disheartening.

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