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An edit, a mug shot, some sleepy students, and a sign of the times...

I did a quick edit of a 19-page presentation Irene is giving tonight. It was well-written, and the content was very, very interesting. Bonus.

While doing research on recognizing faces, for my final research paper in COM 487, I came across this website containing a prototype of a new program to be adopted by the FBI in drawing faces from descriptions.

It invites you to answer these questions about your face. The bolded ones represent my responses.

  1. Hair Color (Choices: Brown, Blonde, Black, Red/Auburn, No hair )
  2. Hair Style (Choices: Curly, Straight, Baldy, Wavy)
  3. Eye Color (Choices: Brown, Black, Blue, Green/Hazel)
  4. Nose Shape (Choices: Pointy, Round, Flat)
  5. Mouth (Choices: Large, Small, Medium)
  6. Lips (Choices: Full, Thin, Medium thickness)
  7. Ears (Choices: Pointy, Sticking out, Small, Medium)
  8. Shape of the Face (Choices: Oval, Narrow, Chubby, Bony)
  9. Complexion (Choices: Pale, Tan, Dark)
  10. Ethnicity (Choices: European, African, Asian, Other)
  11. Facial Hair (Choices: Beard, Mustache, Goatee, None)
  12. Gender
  13. Age Range (Chose: 46-55)

and then says: "Click here to see the results; hopefully it's close."


I met my professor this morning to ask some formatting questions about my final research paper, which is due Wednesday.

I can't believe the people in my class who just unabashedly sleep during class. Our professor:

Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva

put on a short video to watch, and one person put her head down, face down, on her desk, and another person stretched back in his chair, with his head back, and his eyes closed -- to "enjoy" the film. Encroyable.

One of the Chinese restaurants on Hillsborough Streets is temporarily closed.

The sign in the window says:

We are change owner. We are planning store. Be back open soon.

I worked on my research paper all night long. Tedious. I think I need my snapper peppered.

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