DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Homework, some plumbing, dogs and buns, dancing and bears...

It was a homework kind of day for me today. I got my readings and blogs done for both classes this coming week.

Now I can concentrate on my final research paper, which is due a week from Wednesday, on the last day of classes. Yippee!

Robert was an absolute dear, and emptied the tank to my master bath toilet, and removed the rotted screw fixtures so I can replace them.

The tank's been dripping for a while -- a slow, slow drip, but it's starting to leave a rust stain on the linoleum.

We had hot dogs on the grill tonight, with some potato salad on the side. Nice juxtaposition to the Filets we had yesterday.

Yeah, we toasted our buns on the grill, too.

We finished the crossword puzzle with a theme of "Shared Syllables," and took a short nap before heading to Flex.

Dancing was quite festive and flirty tonight. We actually started dancing shortly after 8:30, with five dancers there.

There were these three guys sitting along the bar to the dance floor, and I went up to introduce myself to them.

I said to the first one: "Hi, what's your name?"


"Hi, I'm John," I said.

To the middle one: "And you, your name?"


"John," I said while shaking his hand.

And to the third one: "And does your name end in a 'y' too?"

"No," he said, smiling, and then laughing, "Oh, yeah, it does. I'm Tony."


We stopped dancing at about 10:45, when The Virginia Mountain Bears took over.

Michael won one of the Brokeback Mountain DVDs in the drawings.


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