DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Editing, ubiquitous computing, a puzzle, a nap, and fun, festive, and flirty dancing...

I worked from home today, and spent almost the entire day editing help panels.

Class was quite interesting today.

Discussing the three eras of the history of computers, which were noted as:
  • 1950 - 1975:    Mainframes (one computer to many people)

  • 1975 - 1995:    Personal Computers (one computer to one person)

  • 1995 -       :    Ubiquitous computing (many computers to one person)
I thought about the number of computers I either own or that are associated with me:
  • My personal desktop PC,
  • my old personal laptop,
  • my new personal laptop,
  • my work desktop PC,
  • my work laptop,
  • my old Palm Pilot, and
  • my new Palm Pilot.
This doesn't count my iPod and my cell phone, which are, arguably, becoming "computers" at a slow rate. Welcome to the third era.

For dinner, I made us Gorton's Cajun and Lemon Butter fillets, mashed potatoes, and a salad consisting of: cucumbers and tomatoes, sprinkled with shredded mozzarella, and dressed with balsamic vinegar.

Gorton's Cajun Grilled FilletsGorton's Lemon Butter Grilled Fillets

Good stuff!

Robert and I worked on a challenging puzzle from The Independent, but didn't finish it.

I got about a 30-minute nap in.

Dancing was fun, festive, and flirty tonight.

Carl taught Georgia Winder for the lesson.

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