DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Taxes, a long walk, and some scareyoke...

I did Robert's taxes today. Need a few more items to complete them.

I finished Jeanie-baby's taxes today. I must get them in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday so that she can receive them in time to sign them and mail them in by next Monday. Yay for the 15th falling on a Saturday giving us until Monday.

I walked around the lake for an hour-and-a-half today, listening to a combination of podcasts and music. It's so hard not to sing while listening to all of my favorite songs.

While walking, I saw a couple of groups of two guys fishing -- off the pier there -- and had to laugh.

I'm thinking true, straight "fishing buddies" might have a hard time these days, what with Brokeback Mountain and all. You know people are thinking, "Yeah, right, ' FISHING BUDDIES.' Uh-huh."

I went to Scareyoke tonight without Joe-Joe, who was under the weather.

I hung out with Brian (brianrdu), Kevin (av8rdude), and Steve -- the one who looks like that Mike guy.

Brian, Kevin, and I stopped by Shanghai Express on the way home.

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