DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Panera's, a savings trip to the Smithfield outlets, March Madness in April, and some dancing

I picked up Joe and we spent an hour or so at Panera's, having breakfast and surfing the web.

I had coffee, and a half-a-bagel. Joe had coffee and one-and-a-half bagels. I wasn't being an angel, I had already had a bagel at home earlier in the morning.

I drove us to the Carolina Premium Outlets in Smithfield, where we went to the Harry & David store, and I bought a case (12 jars) of their Pepper & Onion Relish.

Yesterday, I went to buy this online, and got to the end of the order where they wanted to add $10.95 shipping and handling, and that was only for 6 jars, not 12. Whadaya nuts?

Today, I drove 36 miles each way, so that's 72 miles total. Let's estimate about 28 miles to the gallon in my Camry. So that's 72/28, which is a little over 2.5 gallons of gas used. With gas at $2.70 a gallon, that's 2.5 * 2.7, for a gas expense of $6.75.

So, not counting wear and tear on my car, and an hour's worth of my time, I saved $10.95 - $6.75, or $4.20. Did I say saved?

Well, I do have to factor in that I got twice as many jars, so actually, I saved even more than $4.20. That's my story...

Speaking of saving, neither Joe nor I think that there's any being done at that outlet mall.

Two examples:

A candle at the Yankee Candle Store was "on sale" for $6.99. I've seen similar candles at Target for $5.00. And then I heard the greeter say, "And they're regularly $21.95." Please.

At the "Perpperidge Farm Outlet Store," there was a bag of those Milano cookies that were marked "$.79 off." You can get that with a coupon.

On the way back to Raleigh we stopped at "The Country Connection" in Garner, where I bought two black t-shirts.

Joe and I saw a couple of hot guys in there, but it's definitely the kind of place where you could get killed for looking at a guy the wrong way, so we worked hard not to let our slips show.

We stopped at a Chili's on the way home, and had lunch.

Our waitress made us nervous. She was good and all, but there was just something about her that made us feel better when she wasn't at our table. Not a good quality in a waitress.

I got to Sharon's "March Madness in April" party right at 7:00, the time at which it started. There was a family walking in right in front of me. We were so prompt that Sharon was still cleaning up in the kitchen.

Party faux pas, I know, getting there that early, but I knew I was going to be leaving early, and wanted to maximize my time there.

I got to Flex in time to dance for about an hour. We were supposed to dance until 11:00, but were stopped at 10:40. I'm not quite sure why, because it wasn't that crowded in there.

At around midnight, I guess, Joe et. al. headed over to CC's, but I didn't join them. I was home by 12:30.

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