DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Work lunch out, a peeping Tom's dream, end-of-life editing, and taxes...

My manager, who resides in Austin, is in RTP this week, and she took us out to lunch at Tosca's in Durham.

This is the second time I've eaten there, and it once again confirmed to me that it's over-priced, and too foo-foo for my taste. I was sure glad that it was IBM's treat.

My leave of absence was officially announced to the department during this lunch. Yay.

While there, I had to use the men's room, and found myself standing in front of the urnial closest to the wall, which was actually a window.

The window had those wide-slat blinds on them, which stopped about five inches from the sill.

This meant that my tallywhacker was right in front of the window, outside of which two cars in the parking lot faced. Who designs such a bathroom?

I got terrible stomach cramps before class today, and I arrived late by about three minutes. She hadn't closed the door yet, though. I sat by the door -- just in case.

I edited a journal article on death and dying that Irene wrote for a class.

She pointed out that her topic was a nice segue into the 8-10 web pages that I also edited for Amelia today, which were from a funeral home's web site.

I did a quick review of Irene's updated resume, from a previous edit of mine, and the new one just blew me away. Let's hope it does the same to some employers.

I completed Jeanie's taxes tonight to the extent that I could.

I have an e-mail into Phyl with some questions about her medical expenses and the sale of an investment.

I have to call her financial advisor tomorrow to ask him some questions about some stock and mutual fund sales, and about her minimum required distribution of her IRA.

My eyes are tired.

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