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A litterbug, the gayest icon of all, homework, and scareyoke...

I am still shaking my head at what I witnessed the other day in my townhouse complex.

As I pull into our parking area, there is a white pick-up truck a little ways ahead of me going down the steep hill of our parking lot at a fast enough pace so that as he is throwing postcard fliers out of his windows advertising some band at some bar, they are scattering all over the ground.


I love the headline on this news bite: Liza makes Bette and Madonna say, 'What the hell?'

The story goes on to talk about Liza's comments in an article in this week's Newsweek where she says that she thinks that between herself, Barbra, and Cher, "Sonny's former singing partner" would probably win as the "biggest gay icon."

[Note: I think you can only participate in these polls if you have a LJ account. I don't think you can do it as an "anonymous" poster, but feel free to try.]

Who is the biggest gay icon of these ladies?

Liza Minelli
Barbra Streisand
Bette Midler

I'm assuming Judy's not on the list because she's dead.

Liza's "theory" as to what makes the ladies gay icons is "the outcast feelings that can stem from the nontraditional looks" of each of them.

The writer of the story, however, posits: "Perhaps what makes Liza a gay icon is that she was birthed from the loins" of [the aforementioned deceased lady].

This morning, I worked on my reading and blog entry for tomorrow's class, while Robert worked to clean up several of the messes I'd left -- called crossword puzzles.

Later in the day, I worked on my final research paper outline for COM 487.

I met Kevin, Jace, and Eric's friend John visiting from Tennessee at Flex for scaryoke.

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