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Straight two-steppin'...

Not too productive of a day at work today.

Had book club lunch, and we exchanged gifts. That was nice. Good to see the group again. We're ready to read READ MY LIPS next, as that's what I got each of them for a Christmas gift. I mentioned that Riki Wilchins has somewhat of a deep voice. She said, "Isn't there something she can do about that?" I responded, "Hopefully by the end of the book, instead, you'll be asking yourself why it's so important to you that she do." Just a subtle preview of the road ahead.

I asked Dana O. if she had read the book, and she hadn't. I thought it would be really cool if she had, and then all the starts lined up and she'd be in the Raleigh area sometime in the next couple of months, and she could drop by book club and give us her perspective on it. Even though, to me, the book is way more about gender than it is about transsexualism.

We (me and Dana) had a quick, interesting discussion about it on Sametime. She hasn't read the book. She said she's having more and more of an urge to bring her "full gender" concept "out." She noted traditionally masculine things she had done in the last week or so. I told her I'd send her a copy of the book.

We had an interesting department meeting. It was Henry's turn to create the agenda and he brought Michelle C. in to speak on various topics. At the end, Mathis noted that he wanted the ID team members to spend a little time this year "sharpening the saw." I liked that. He also noted, disturbingly, that he was "waiting for the nod from upper management to 'execute the PBC plan'."

Late in the afternoon I invited Jeff O.'s list of invitees to the party I'm going to have for him on February 1st. I think I'll add Gregor to that list. (That thought just occurred to me. I miss him. He's not been accessible since his parents have been here. I think they leave on January 11th. We'll have to catch back up then.)

I made tacos and a salad tonight. I ate the tacos first, and decided with the amount of cheese I put on them, that I'd better forgo the salad (so as not to use the salad dressing). The tacos were delicious!

Robert checked in by phone, and will join me for tacos tomorrow night. YIPPEE!

For 7, I went to two-step lessons at The Longbranch. I always feel like a fish out of water there. I need to bring me a "date" when I go. Anyhow, I had a good, pretty partner, Becky, and I learned some things about leading, which is my reason for going. So that's good. I was hoping to do one line dance that I know before I left, but only one was played, and I didn't know it.

Once home, I worked on all of my TCW action items. That feels good -- always does -- to have them done.

Sent an invitation to Steve M. for a delicious 8-point banquet on either Thu, Fri, Sat or Sun.



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